Honor 9X (China)

Honor 9X (China)

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  • VonHagens

Thank god I didn't rush to get the redmi note 7 nor mi9t. The 9x/pro could very well be my next phone.

Third class!

  • Anonymous

Wwydt, 23 Jul 2019I wish it was a little smaller this is so bigMate 30 lite will be the smaller version, it seems.

  • Anonymous

Was really hoping on an AMOLED display,oh well..

Realme X has left the chat...

Lenovo z6 youth, xiaomi cc9e, realme 3 pro, redmi note 7 pro, meizu note 9 Passed away

  • dinesh sigdel

why not put underdisplay fingerprint??

If it will really be under 200€ there is no such thing comparable to it in that price range.

  • Wwydt

I wish it was a little smaller this is so big

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Can this Fortnite? OwO