Honor is reportedly postponing the V40 series launch until January 2021

Yordan, 01 December 2020

Honor was expected to introduce the V40 series in December but the latest reports say the brand decided to regroup and do the launch next month, in January 2021. Also, up until now, there were usually up to two phones in the yearly V lineups, but this might change and see a third one with a super-zoom/periscope lens.

\ "New Honor, New Roads"

Launching a phone in January won’t be too much of a delay for the Honor V40 series. The Honor V10 and Honor V20 arrived in December and eventually became global taking the View moniker a month later. The Honor V30 lineup had it a bit different from the global rollout - the brand did not have any major announcements outside China, but we were at the unveiling in Beijing 12 months ago.

However, there’s one major concern - will Honor have the capacity to be competitive without being under Huawei’s umbrella, and will this affect any global launch. Currently there are way too many uncertainties but hopefully, they’ll get cleared out once the Honor V40 series launches.



Reader comments

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Probably to get GSM in order before launch is the reason for this delay, also yes Huawei stated multiple times they "could" install GMS over night with a update if their licence was restored.

This could well be a watered-down and more affordable version of the Huawei Mate 40 series. Cannot wait to see that.

  • Anonymous

What happens to existing 2019 Honor(V30,9x) devices? Are these capable of GMS through OTA updates?

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