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  • 23 Oct 2023

dragonov, 23 Oct 2023No single phone received Android 14 yetMy pixel 6 has, received it 2 weeks ago.

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    • MimiFromMalaysia
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    • 23 Oct 2023

    Grrreat phone. Only 1 big drawback for me is the lack of 6GHz WiFi (WiFi 6e).

    WiFi 6 - also known as "ax", using both 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz - supported
    WiFi 6e - using 6 GHz - NOT SUPPORTED
    WiFi 7 - also known as "be", supposed to support 2.4 GHz, 5.0 GHz and 6.0 GHz but since this phone doesn't support 6.0 GHz, the WiFi 7 in this phone will only support 2.4 and 5.0 GHz.

    My Tab S8 support WiFi 6e, and it is fast and none of my neighbors are using 6.0 GHz WiFi except me. It is like WiFi Autobahn in my apartment environment here in Malaysia.

      Anonymous, 13 Oct 2023Android 14 already out for this phone or not? No single phone received Android 14 yet

        indeed. Two sims and E-sim

          ediwedi, 21 Oct 2023No it is not the Phone works great. Battery is great. Its u... moreIt's a very nice phone, I agree. But it has 12GB or Ram, not 19. It can use some of its ROM as RAM which makes it 12+7GB. But 12GB of RAM is enough anyway on a phone for now.

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            • ediwedi
            • HJP
            • 21 Oct 2023

            Anonymous, 19 Oct 2023I've read that scrolling is janky on this phone?No it is not the Phone works great. Battery is great. Its ultra fast. Updates are really up to date. I been using this phone since June and am happy with it. It comes with a display foil, already on it which is nice. Charger, basic cover. Other brands dont even give you a charger...
            To me its the best phone 2023. Price/performance. 19 gb RAM man... The phone is lightning fast...

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              • Shawsyooo
              • nI%
              • 19 Oct 2023

              I am wondering are the cameras better on the Xiaomi 13t pro over the Honor?

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                • Anonymous
                • 39x
                • 19 Oct 2023

                I've read that scrolling is janky on this phone?

                  Hello. Can someone who purchased this phone from the UK confirm if there are two slots for sim cards + eSim? Thanks.

                  Later deals in the UK and Spain are very good- 712 pounds/ 812 euros.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • x}j
                    • 13 Oct 2023

                    Android 14 already out for this phone or not?

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                      • Anonymous
                      • pkp
                      • 13 Oct 2023

                      FraserPau, 12 Oct 2023Totally agree with both of you. I sell it and buy Motorola... moreVery good phones. I personally will stick to my motorola dynatac 8000x

                        Anonymous, 11 Oct 2023I totally agree. I will sell it too and buy some real phone... moreTotally agree with both of you.
                        I sell it and buy Motorola razr v3 and Sony Ericsson W800. Hurray!

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                          • Anonymous
                          • GXs
                          • 11 Oct 2023

                          Anonymous, 12 Sep 2023I am not happy with this phone at all it's a disapoint... moreI totally agree. I will sell it too and buy some real phone like Nokia N95

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                            • TeN
                            • L7%
                            • 10 Oct 2023

                            I have the Honor Magic5 Pro for a week now and regarding the screen max brightness dimming after a short while, i did some tests. First time i tested it, it dimmed after only a minute or so. And i would only get it to max brightness after turning the screen off and wait a bit and then turn it back on. But now i could have the max brightness for around 8 minutes. The only difference was a bright(white) and a dark(almost black) screen. So probably the software is noticing that the screen is taking a lot of current in that minute and turns the brightness down. So if you're in dark mode alot, there is less worry about this problem.

                              Arcodan, 06 Oct 2023I have just purchased an honor magic 5 pro. I can use WiFi... moreInsert a sim card in it and enable phone data 🙄🙄

                                I have just purchased an honor magic 5 pro.
                                I can use WiFi ok and WhatsApp etc in the home but when I go outside of WiFi range I cannot use apps, make calls or send texts. Does anyone have the answer ?

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                                  • 13t pro vs Magic5pro
                                  • Svk
                                  • 06 Oct 2023

                                  13t pro or magic 5 pro which one is better?

                                  Honor cameras must be better

                                  But, what about the display? 13t pro has Dolby vision 144hz

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • IVM
                                    • 05 Oct 2023

                                    Planning to get this and I'm aware of the new chip that is coming, I'm traveling in January so I was wondering and I notice there is a lot of bad and good review about the phone. Do you guys still recommend me to buy this although there is discount in my country plus the cheapest flagship i can purchase with installment i really see no other option other than xiaomi 13t. what are the pros and cons about this phone. i want to see if i can live with it the 10x telephoto is kinda a need for my end.

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                                      • 3At
                                      • 24 Sep 2023

                                      Premium phone. Has Huawei DNA. Nice photos, good battery life. Realy the 3d face unlock is excellent!! Want to say that the display in auto brightness is always noticeably dimmer than s21 ultra in same ambient light conditions. In this case it don't matter that they maybe have the same max brightness.
                                      Moreover display is dimming badly after a while under sun....( unacceptable)
                                      Honor must fix these matters!! .
                                      Lastly I hope Honor should give extra effort and improve software experience .

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • iAB
                                        • 22 Sep 2023

                                        This Honor Magic is just great, hands down. More than three months owning this beautiful piece of hardware I still enjoy it no less. I got a lot of compliments for the camera photos and the gorgeous display. All people that I know recognize the photo quality and ask me to take/send photos to them.
                                        Of all issues listed here in the comments, there are only two that I can reproduce:
                                        - battery charge limiter not working (should stop charging ~80%)
                                        - camera flare can be seen on specific angle towards a bright sun
                                        The first is really not a big deal, the second happens rarely in specific occasions and can easily be workarounded with your other hand (make shade).