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I tried posting a google drive link twice but the posts get removed. I don't know how to give it to you.

    Letschky, 03 Oct 2022Where can i download it?I have the file but I don't know where to upload it. It's ~1GB. You also need to be on B538 before you flash this from ADB.

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      • Letschky
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      • 03 Oct 2022

      alcatraz, 21 Mar 2022I'm using a modded stock rom by the chinese group &quo... moreWhere can i download it?

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        • Letschky
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        • 03 Oct 2022

        alcatraz, 21 Mar 2022I'm using a modded stock rom by the chinese group &quo... morewhere can i download it? wanmei" 完美 Rom? Or can you upload it?

          how do i root this phone? i have EDI-AL10.
          i want to install a custom rom

            THB, 03 Nov 2019Why should you root/flash it?I found a great reason for root only a few months ago. An app called "Battery Charge Limit". It lets you limit the charge to any percentage you want. Instead of charging to 100% which is 4.4v (not recommended voltage for LiIon) you can have it automatically stop at say 85% every time which is 4.20v = recommended. This way your battery will last thousands of cycles without loss of capacity. Also it beats using a timer which I used to do for 1-2 years. I had to guess a lot. Ok, I'm at 33%. I need about 50min to get to 80%. Set the timer to 50min. Pray I don't wake up with like 60% which isn't enough to last me one day. Ridiculous.

              For downgrading this phone I hear that Hisuite Proxy works. Google it.

                Jerry, 09 Jul 2021Hi, I love my honor note 8. But after 4 years it becam... moreI'm using a modded stock rom by the chinese group "wanmei" 完美. It's based off of B538. It looks just like stock but it comes with a tweak app with hundreds of settings (including root+xposed).
                At first I had no idea what the settings meant but over time I've translated more and more of them. There are great ones like:
                1. Dpi adjustments
                2. Different cpu speed modes. 1-5. 5 being for max performance at any battery cost. I used to use the lower modes 2-3 for max batt but nowadays I stick to 3 and 4 to keep the experience with ever growing apps zippy. With B538 I get nearly 8h screen on time anyway.
                3. Disabling of temp sensors. This unlocks 18w charging without any slowing down. I went from 30%/h charging to 70%/h. It's freaking amazing. The phone doesn't even get very hot. It's just super conservative. Besides I only charge to max 85% anyway to get longevity (It never goes over 4.20v). This setting has enabled me to waste battery more because now I can charge crazy fast and I get thousands of cycles. Even got a tiny 10000mAh powerbank that supports Huawei 18w.
                4. The app can also disable system updates.
                5. It also offers you to compress your RAM. I found that the setting 10% comes with basically zero slowdown while freeing up available RAM.
                6. Ability to hide status/navigation bars. What I do is I hide the navigation bar and use Pie Controls (older faster version). Works great. I get full screen estate.
                7. You can enable VoLTE.
                8. You can enable more apps to support multiscreen.
                9. There are more features but I just forgot about them...

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                  • 09 Jul 2021


                  I love my honor note 8. But after 4 years it became quite slow even after factory reset. Are there any ways to speed it up?


                    Mario, 10 Mar 2021Hi sorry how did you manage to update it? I try to update b... moreSorry for the late reply. I didn't end up staying on B539 (which I updated with the standard update app, I have the EDI-AL10, chinese model).

                    Downgrading back to B538 was really tricky. You need to use the app called "Firmware finder for Huawei". There is an android and pc version. Use the android version, and select the firmware you want (you need a router where you can change the dns settings for this to work), then reboot the phone into emergency recovery mode.

                    The reason I went back to B538 is because that's the last rom that has a good rooted rom out. I use root and xposed. If I didn't I'd just use B539 (latest).

                    You can probably update to B539 with the Firmware finder app. The app used to be available on Play store but isn't now, weird. Download it from another place.

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                      • 10 Mar 2021

                      alcatraz, 28 Oct 2020I still use it. :D It just got an update after 4 years, ... moreHi sorry how did you manage to update it? I try to update but I didn't find a safe method tu do it. Thanks

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                        • apM
                        • 01 Mar 2021

                        Amazing phone after 4 years, decent battery, great screen, the sound is not amazing but still a great phone.

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                          • 18 Jan 2021

                          Still using this after 4.5 years, one of the best phones ever used, this was way ahead of its time. ❤️

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                            • 16 Jan 2021

                            Great phone. Diffucult to find a phone with 178x90 display size this days.

                              I still use it. :D

                              It just got an update after 4 years, B539 with android security patches for Sep 2020.

                              Battery and smoothness has never been better. Screen is still going strong after 4y with no noticeable burn in.

                                This phone was ahead of its time.

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                                  • 19 Dec 2019

                                  alca, 09 Dec 2019To tweak system settings screen/cpu To adblock on a phone ... moreThanks - So the reason to root it is the well-known common reasons. I asked cause I might wandered if it was a special "must do" for this phone

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                                    • alca
                                    • 2P$
                                    • 09 Dec 2019

                                    Mauritiusbleu, 23 Feb 2019I owned the mi max 2 before moving to the note 8. Without m... moreTry "Pie Control" from the play store.
                                    It even gives me more screen space than phones with soft keys like the mimax because it replaces both navigation bar AND the status bar. At least for me.

                                    I get time, date and battery level on the pie controls. Enough most of the time.

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                                      • alca
                                      • 2P$
                                      • 09 Dec 2019

                                      THB, 03 Nov 2019Why should you root/flash it?To tweak system settings screen/cpu
                                      To adblock on a phone level, not just browser level
                                      To circumvent android restrictions and enable features otherwise impossible
                                      To avoid having to buy apps to get them ad free
                                      To be able to copy apk files from their install locations

                                      The list used to be longer, admittedly. But it's still long enough to do it. I managed to root my phone after a lot of hassle.

                                      I really like the phone. It's my first huawei and after being on lg/xiaomi I gotta say huawei is a step up. The kirin 955 cpu was ahead of its time and still today competes with current cpu's in speed and power consumption. I used to be a snapdragon fan but now I'm a convert. If I upgrade it'd probably be to a Mate20x but I don't like the bootloader unlock hassle, and waterdrop selfie camera, or the lower screen resolution. The note8 is kind of great at all those points. The battery on B538 doesn't even bother me much.

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                                        • 03 Nov 2019

                                        alca, 16 Apr 2019Cons (coming from Mi Max 1 3/32) Yellowish tint on screen,... moreWhy should you root/flash it?