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Honor Pad X9

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  • 18 Dec 2023

Lenovo Tab M10 Plus (3rd Gen) compare

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    • 11 Dec 2023

    jakas, 11 Nov 2023For the price this is ok a tablet- The screen may not be th... moreWhere did you buy your tablet?

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      • Selcuk
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      • 06 Dec 2023

      Has anyone tried Honor Pad X9 with any particular stylus?
      I've got the tablet from Huawei's official store in UK. Since I've got it and officially announced as it doesn't support stylus technology. I'm using a regular stylus with soft rubber with the tip it's working but I'm seeking for a professional solution which could let me sign documents and edit documents while I'm mobile for my trips.
      Thank you.

        LTE variant can be found in Europe, Romanian mobile operator Orange sells it for about 220 Euros, no contract.
        Also, the LTE variant I own does have light sensor, the auto brightness works like on a regular smartphone. The charger is missing, though.

          IguanasRonas, 19 Nov 2023I had screen bleed in two units of this product, returned o... moreWhat variants were those units? With or without LTE?

            I had screen bleed in two units of this product, returned one where the screen bleed was bad and the replacement also had it but less noticeable, maybe it is like the tab s6 lite several units have screen bleed in one edge at least in my region.

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              • 11 Nov 2023

              Prince.Alexandria, 07 Oct 2023Does it have place for memory card?Yes depends where you buy it.

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                • 11 Nov 2023

                For the price this is ok a tablet- The screen may not be that vivid but it is not bad. My tablet has a sim slot and sd card slot. Incredible sound.

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                  • Vladimir
                  • 0Bb
                  • 24 Oct 2023

                  DarlingYext, 11 Jul 2023That's so confusing for no reason, well if it's a... moreIPS is type of TFT display. TFT stands for (thin-film-transistor) and there are generally 3 types: TN, VA and IPS. The quality of the display really depends on the manufacturer and I have seen some VA displays that look much better than IPS, though TN seems to be the worst but its not so common nowadays.

                    Currently typing on the tablet with its keyboard. All I have to say is it is a great tablet for light works. I love the design and the overall build quality. The massive screen is amazing, I too was worried about the TFT LCD because I am an AMOLED fan, but it does not bother me at all. The screen is spectacular.

                    I do not have LTE, but there is an LTE variant of Pad x9, the only country I know that have this variant is Thailand. You can check it on their website.

                    The tablet does have quick charging, but it comes with a 10W charger. So use your other charger if you have one because it will take hours to charge to a hundred percent using its 10W charger. I charge with quick charging and it take 1 1/2 hours from 30 to full charge but considering you will be using this tab for school and light work purposes, it will reach two days before you need to charge it again.

                    It's OS is MagicOS 7.1 which is my first experience with this OS and it comes with a ton of amazing features. The OS makes multi-tasking with other tabs seamless

                    It does come with free case with keyboard, it is a bluetooth keyboard but it last long so you don't need to keep on charging it. I hope the keyboard last long because I truly love to type with it.

                    Now my dislike, it is a bummer that it does not come with stylus support, it would be great to use stylus with this. Though you can use capacitive stylus with the plastic flat nib on the tip.

                    As a budget tablet that comes with a free folio with keyboard, It is a spectacular device to use for school and light work purposes. I will be using this for school works like Microsoft and Teams. What I love truly about the tablet is the OS because it makes me productive with its features, unlike Redmi Pad. I hope that Xiaomi tablet gets the HyperOS update.

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                      • 08 Oct 2023

                      MRick, 25 Aug 2023GSMarena hate Honor that much? Honor Pad X9 has LTE and als... moreit doesn't have

                        CK47, 02 Oct 2023I just bought this tablet with sim card actually so yes if ... moreDoes it have place for memory card?

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                          • 02 Oct 2023

                          Sasha, 29 Sep 2023Cannot put a sim here?I just bought this tablet with sim card actually so yes if you purchase tablet with sim card or up to 4G only not 5G since the it has snapdragon 685

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                            • 29 Sep 2023

                            Cannot put a sim here?

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                              • 28 Sep 2023

                              People who complain here they don't even buy this tablet yet🥱🥱come on mann with this price tag and with free keyboard you all even complaining🤡🤡bunch of wankerss

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                                • 24 Sep 2023

                                FatboyGym, 15 Jul 2023I've had the Honor Pad X9 for two days and for me this... moreipad 10 was released on October 2022

                                  Anonymous, 15 Sep 2023Cheating with crap display calling it 2k while the res is 2... moreYou're also crap you anon, get out

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                                    • 15 Sep 2023

                                    Cheating with crap display calling it 2k while the res is 2000x1200. Almost WUXGA but certainly not 2K/QHD. Youtubers in India are giving good reviews as they are being paid. This tablet is crap wrapped in aesthetic design. You'll definitely loose your eyes if you start consuming content on this.

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                                      • 14 Sep 2023

                                      Anonymous, 24 Aug 2023Does anyone know what is the max charging speed (in Watt) t... more22.5W but box included a 10W adaptor only

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                                        • J9d
                                        • 30 Aug 2023

                                        i've being used this product for about öne month and it definitely worths the price. İt has TFT panel but brigthtness, viewing angle, colour are high quality. Only cons i faced is charging time. İt lasts about 3-4 hours form 20 to 100. but also battery provides long ise when watching videos. 6 speakers work well and have good quality. i am very satisfied this product. İ definitely recommend within this budget.