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  • Hasib
  • XWZ
  • 18 Mar 2023

It’s a machine that should not be forgotten. Very much satisfied. Love it

    • A
    • Alberto
    • 6tA
    • 27 Feb 2023

    Bought on November 2017, and it still rocks, with no lags or crashes. The battery is still perfect. As commented, the camera is outdated, but so far is still ok. It was my first HONOR, and next surely will be also, no reason to change the brand.

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      • Rk
      • n$C
      • 01 Feb 2023

      Anonymous, 01 Feb 2023One Man Army using this Device From 2019 Jan Still Now No ... moreSame here..No issues. Dont know why they stopped production.

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        • Anonymous
        • bCd
        • 01 Feb 2023

        One Man Army using this Device From 2019 Jan Still Now No issues are Prevailing.

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          • vinoth
          • fCG
          • 31 Jan 2023

          using this phone for past 4 and half years... never faced any lag or crash... absolute gem... only camera is not good... upgrading now only coz of camera... otherwise it will last for few more years...

            • S
            • Sonu
            • gNT
            • 30 Jan 2023

            Its beast.... Still running since 2018 to 2023... Using it heavily...... Now i want to buy new phn but it has no issue.... Heavy duty machine.. No lag no issue no crash

              • D
              • Dan
              • 3Em
              • 15 Sep 2022

              A7AFKIIS, 04 Sep 2022Been ysing the phone for 4 years... I torture the device...... moreI have the same device and it's amazing how it's still rocking... It's a very good device...

                Been ysing the phone for 4 years... I torture the device... I finish 2 or 3 charges a day... I play like 10 heavy graphic games daily until the device is boiling... At this point um waiting on it to die but its just too good to die... Salut honor play... Its like the last thing from the good old days... Um attatched to it.... Plus aint got no green to buy new one 😂

                  • ?
                  • Anonymous
                  • XZn
                  • 22 Aug 2022

                  shika99bul , 19 Aug 2022Been using it for 3 years now. Had fun memories with it but... moreyes too much of bugs and crashes now

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                    • shika99bul
                    • T47
                    • 19 Aug 2022

                    Been using it for 3 years now. Had fun memories with it but unfortunately have to think for a new phone. Lately apps started to crash more often and it eats RAM like crazy. Safe to say I can't use it for gaming anymore, a real waste because the specs are a beast.

                      • s
                      • schezmund
                      • IW9
                      • 24 Jun 2022

                      syam, 18 Jun 2022this phone have touch delay problem😢This is the only reason I chose to buy another phone. The issue only for multi-touch though, at least in my case. A shame really, as it's quite a beast of a phone.

                        • s
                        • syam
                        • v3A
                        • 18 Jun 2022

                        this phone have touch delay problem😢

                          Anyone who get update Harmonyos, let me know?

                            • D
                            • Daniel
                            • bC1
                            • 17 Jun 2022

                            Using 3 year It is Beast for heavy gaming phone and good build Quality no issue.

                              • J
                              • Jerry
                              • 7kk
                              • 12 Jun 2022

                              MHRA, 06 Jun 2022Been 3 wonderful years with this gem, I have used it in the... moreI also completed 3 years with this mobile on the 6th of June. I also never used any screen protection and back cover. This phone is absolutely a gem. Never face any issue, mostly used for playing games.
                              Still, it is working excellent I am using it to play high graphic games like PUBG, no issue yet.

                              Only Cons: Never get android/EMUI 10 update.

                                • M
                                • MHRA
                                • 7kj
                                • 06 Jun 2022

                                Been 3 wonderful years with this gem, I have used it in the worst possible way; never used a screen protector, back cover and have thrown the phone on rough surfaces every now and then. The touch in the phone is still better than most 18-19INR phones currently getting launched in India and the screen feels as if it's amoled(view from all angles are amazing and the graphics seem to be right on the surface) Cameras in this phone were never good but the performance in the phone even after 3 years of excessive usage is smooth af. The finger print sensor is also faster than the most phones getting launched in 2022. I bought it in 12,500INR on flipkart in 2019 and I have no complaints with the phone. It was worth double the price I bought it in.

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                                  • Hexa
                                  • t1}
                                  • 23 May 2022

                                  Moh, 18 Apr 2022How was your update? I wish it would be released for glob... morenice joke

                                    • K
                                    • Kenzo Akira Laura
                                    • tue
                                    • 03 May 2022

                                    Just android version 9 only? No version 11 huh? So sad.. Please do something Huawei.

                                      • M
                                      • Moh
                                      • mUB
                                      • 18 Apr 2022

                                      Nebula, 04 Mar 2022you might not believe me, hell i don't believe it myse... moreHow was your update?
                                      I wish it would be released for global versions as well🤤

                                        • S
                                        • Spirit
                                        • YMv
                                        • 27 Mar 2022

                                        Mono, 20 Jan 2022Have been using since 1.2019. This device is exactly what I... moreSame the build is awsome. And doesn't break. Even after throwing it on the wall, falling from bike etc. Just the dents on corners