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  • Mono

Have been using since 1.2019. This device is exactly what I wanted and serves it's purpose really well. High Performance, No Lags whatsoever, Battery Backup is still decent after 3 Years of extensive usage. Only one complaint would be the RAM management which is extremely poor. Few apps get reloaded as soon as put on background.

However, extremely happy with it. Has survived the toughest drops (While riding Two-wheeler, Falling from Stairs couple of floors, my anger reflexes). Except for few dents on the metal frame, device is performing outstanding.

COR-AL00 4+64 Blue

  • Anonymous

Finally decided to buy a new phone for replacement.

After almost 4 years and a couple of dozen drops the screen finally gave out. Surprisingly enough, it didn't crack, it actually popped out and a bit of water managed to get in. It's still functional, the screen just looks dirty now.
Maybe it's the unnamed glass they used, maybe it's the frame, either way this phone's quite the beater. I'm replacing the LCD and gonna use it as a backup phone.

  • prakhar

Amazing phone, have been using it for 3 and half years now. After using it aggressively for more than 3 years, it still runs smoothly. I love this purchase. But now there is some display issue, phone's screen light goes of, and for past few days its been frequent.

  • AbhiXChak

Alirazairshad, 01 Sep 2021Source: Trust me bro 😂Go to huawei Central you will find your proof..

  • Abujajakoline

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2021Really loved this phone, but seems will have to give it up,... moreYou may go to Huawei service center and have the lcd change. Its cheaper than buying new phone

  • Hidski

Been using this device for close to 4 years now. Only issue I'm having is full storage (which i can fix by myself obviously) and the display issue people mentioned before. (Outlines of previous apps staying present after having them open for a long time). However this does not bother me at all. This is probably the best value for money phone I've had.

Been using this phone for last 3 years. Still works great. For those having display issues. I suggest keeping the light theme and color temp to Normal and warm. Should help since I see no ghosting even after using this long

  • Anonymous

Really loved this phone, but seems will have to give it up, first the imprint of the earlier opened app started coming on the recently opened one, and now blue spots about 8-10 closer to centre to all sides of the device, my device still runs smoothly but the display it seems is giving up, sigh😔

  • User

You need to read description to see that Android 10 not supposed on this phone

Unonymous , 18 Jul 2021I bought honor play 4+64 model at 12k, hardware wise honor ... moreIt didn't get Android10 in Europe

Alirazairshad, 07 Sep 2021Are you kidding me?It's true. I live in Croatia.

roviskov, 05 Sep 2021New update with May 2021 security patch Are you kidding me?

New update with May 2021 security patch

  • HP2. 5YRS

Alirazairshad, 31 Jan 2021Been using this phone for 2 years. Still a champ. But now i... moreSame bro

  • Alirazairshad

ZHARF259, 06 Jun 2021time for honor play is coming.., I have read that, this pho... moreSource: Trust me bro 😂

  • Kent88

Using it since 2018 and still good..Love it

  • Themawechsel

Already using this phone since 10.2018. Still fast and working great. But already since August 2020 no update. Still stuck on Android 9 with old security update.

  • Lalith

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2021I'm using honor play since from 2 years. It is good an... moreHello ,
Did u keep any app lock ,to whatsapp if yes u can't able to see the messages in notification bar ,remove app security and u can able to see it.

  • Anonymous

Huawei's support to this phone was nonexistent. They even stopped rolling out security updates a year ago. I'll never buy a Huawei/Honor phone again, and I'll make sure every new phone I get will have an unlockable bootloader and an active developer community.

  • Znosby

Anyone with VoLTE (activated) settings on their Honor Play (COR-L29, COR-L09) versions?