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Unonymous , 18 Jul 2021I bought honor play 4+64 model at 12k, hardware wise honor ... moreIt didn't get Android10 in Europe

Alirazairshad, 07 Sep 2021Are you kidding me?It's true. I live in Croatia.

roviskov, 05 Sep 2021New update with May 2021 security patch Are you kidding me?

New update with May 2021 security patch

  • HP2. 5YRS

Alirazairshad, 31 Jan 2021Been using this phone for 2 years. Still a champ. But now i... moreSame bro

  • Alirazairshad

ZHARF259, 06 Jun 2021time for honor play is coming.., I have read that, this pho... moreSource: Trust me bro 😂

  • Kent88

Using it since 2018 and still good..Love it

  • Themawechsel

Already using this phone since 10.2018. Still fast and working great. But already since August 2020 no update. Still stuck on Android 9 with old security update.

  • Lalith

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2021I'm using honor play since from 2 years. It is good an... moreHello ,
Did u keep any app lock ,to whatsapp if yes u can't able to see the messages in notification bar ,remove app security and u can able to see it.

  • Anonymous

Huawei's support to this phone was nonexistent. They even stopped rolling out security updates a year ago. I'll never buy a Huawei/Honor phone again, and I'll make sure every new phone I get will have an unlockable bootloader and an active developer community.

  • Znosby

Anyone with VoLTE (activated) settings on their Honor Play (COR-L29, COR-L09) versions?

  • Anonymous

I'm using honor play since from 2 years. It is good and performing well. But only the thing is I can't able to read the what's app msgs in notification bar. Like it shows just 1 new msg that's it. Can any one help me out from this issue

  • Masum

Best phone ever i used.

Anonymous, 02 Apr 2021Using honor play since 2019 Jan Many times throw away i... moreNot even a scratch sound very sus cause my screen scratched after few months which forced me to buy a separate screen protector, and that still happened even after investing in specialized phone carrier/bag. But the problem with the screen do not stopped there. My honor play finally got destroyed from within: the battery. After the first year I started noticing a bright dot about the size of a finger right in the middle of the screen. I thought that's because of general usage which disappoint me because my older phone ;a zenfone 2; do not have this problem. But few month ago when this honor play finally turned totally unusable I found out that the battery is bulging up so fat that it push the screen out of service. The screen separated from the main body, showing the remains of some flakes leftover that chipped out from the screen. The screen adhesive can't even withstand the pressure from a mere battery, such a disappointment.

  • Unonymous

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2021World's best mobile brand ... Using since 2018 but sti... moreI bought honor play 4+64 model at 12k, hardware wise honor play is best in that price but software support is worst. It gets only one upgrade where as in Europe it gets android 10 too and also customer care is even worst. It has no interest in Indian market. If company supports its device through software support it may survive in the market.

  • Znosby

How to enable VoLTE on Honor Play? My wife's phone doesn't have VoLTE option in mobile network settings and *#*#4636#*#* doesn't seem to work. Anyone here knows well on how to enable or make the VoLTE appear?

  • Abujajakoline

Almost 3 years and counting. The phone is still snappy compared to the poco x3 pro of my mother. The processor is superb. I plan to use it for 5 more years. I hope it last

  • Vlada

Still fast as the first day. My daughter is using it for games now. It is fast as hell and can compete with new contenders anytime. My new phone is slower and I am pretty annoyed about it. This is a great phone, from design to performance.

  • Abujajakoline

Mine is good. 3 yrs and counting

  • Anonymous

RishiGuru, 09 Sep 2020Yesterday received another software OTA update on my Honor ... moreHey dum dum, this is Honor okay, not view 10