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TheWildShadow55, 11 Dec 2018Totally not a ripoff of the Galaxy S10's screen, Huawei is ... morehuawei phones dont break easly dont know where you got that info, but as much as i like their product it is kinda sad that theyre copying others just to become No1 at something ,whish they didnt do these stupid things

I like this design. Small front camera hole on the left, and also keep the useful jack :)

no amoled, only normal IPS and fingerprint reader on back bleee, next one please..
honor magic 2 is way much better equipped! for me much better choice than this!!!

Totally not a ripoff of the Galaxy S10's screen, Huawei is so innovative and is the number 1 selling phone company right? Nano memory is the future right? Huawei beats all right?!

Okay for real Huawei is garbage. Their phones break way too easily, don't have long life without being slow, and they REALLY go "features over functionality". I'd rather have an ugly phone that won't break in a month from a single scratch on the back. I'm prepared for the fanboys to go reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

cool things about Huawei is that they are copying from others but they maintain the audio jack 3.5mm :)

  • Sahnoun

amazing phone cant wait to buy it
i love honor phones

  • Kobby

Too much of everything is bad. Very soon people will stop buying huawei phones. How on earth will a company be producing new phones every two week. So which huawei phone should customers buy? Be patient, survey the market well and come out with killer phones. This trend of producing phones every week will hit a snag one day