Windows-powered HP Elite x3 will reportedly be discontinued in November

Peter, 25 September 2017

HP was one of the few companies to bother with Windows 10 Mobile in 2016 – its Elite x3 was among the last Windows-powered phones to come out. A report out of Germany claims that the company will stop selling the handset on November 1 and will end support for it 12 months after that.

The implication here is more important than just the discontinuation of this model. There are murmurs that Microsoft itself is looking to pull the plug on Windows 10 Mobile.

The Elite x3 lived the dream. It had docks that could turn the phone into a laptop or desktop computer with Continuum, complete with support for x86 software (via HP Workspace and Remote Desktop Client, emulation is not supported). Prices, even with discounts, were still quite high however and the phone failed to gain any traction.


A Microsoft Surface phone has been rumored for two years but has so far failed to materialize. Microsoft didn’t have a great experience when was making its own phones, but even Google is giving in-house manufacturing a second shot.

Recently, there has been talk about a Microsoft Andromeda OS – a modular platform that will scale from full-blown PCs to pocketable devices. Not surprisingly, that platform is said to launch in 2018, just enough time for Windows 10 Mobile to say its final goodbye.

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Reader comments

  • Olgierd
  • 03 Oct 2017
  • 0xK

I have used Samsung galaxy s plus, blackberry, LG G2, LG G3, Nokia Lumia 925 and now Nokia Lumia 930 and windows 10 mobile is by far the best, most stable, energy efficient and fastest system I have used.... Very fast, no shutdowns, sports tracking...

  • AnonD-632062
  • 27 Sep 2017
  • 3Ye

"The Elite x3 lived the dream"?! I think it was more like a nightmare for poor HP to be stuck in a ship (Windows 10 Mobile) which was already abandoned by it's captain (Microsoft)!

  • Anonymous
  • 26 Sep 2017
  • pWQ

Yeah, not even Gates himself uses a WP-device anymore. :-D Windows is my go-to-OS for desktop, but never had interest towards the phones. In my opinion, it never felt good/natural to use Windows on a phone (in-store-tested 800, 900, 920 among some ch...

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