HP iPAQ Data Messenger

HP iPAQ Data Messenger

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  • Ally

ma Hp, 24 Dec 2013no whatsapp, no instagra, no nathing.. this sucksmy phone stacks time after time when am using it,and the keybord does not function am only using screen-touch option,what should I do? help me please.

  • Anonymous

please help me out when ever am to install any new app am asked to login into microsoft and i dont know the next step please its uergent guys help me out.

  • xuanka

SD, micro SD are supported up to 32GB, maybe they were rare 2008 but nowadays is no problem in there.
I'v heard only Navigon works as navigation SW but not sure which version. Does anybody know exactly which Navigation SW would work, at least Google Maps is in the Firmware preinstalled. Doesnt know how to update since it doesnt find any. It doesnt sync with Office 2010, and some problems with Win8.1 so would stay on Off 2007 and WinXP with activesync 4.5 .
Still some issues really bad with the battery, it drains empty very quick without systematic, charging daily seems tzo work but is unreliable, PiA...

  • ma Hp

no whatsapp, no instagra, no nathing.. this sucks

  • todhiere

I have just bought an Ipaq data messenger, it's brand new, seems to be working properly 90% of the time, exept every one or two in ten calls seems to be starting in handsfree mode even though the handsfree option is clearly not selected. This situation occurs randomly. If I press handsfree speaker and deactivate it immediately the phone resumes to work fine. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can fix this quirk/bug in the system? Thank you.

  • rajat raj

ya thyats the good look

  • Harold

Where can i buy this phone ?

  • Ramsin

Can we instal android in it

  • AnonD-128856

The top line of the keyboard doesn't not work from the letter Q till the letter T (or Z). Any suggestions?

  • Keti

The top line of the keyboard doesn't not work from the letter Q till the letter T (or Z). Any suggestions?

  • tayyab hassan

i want to install windows in it because i cant install skype in it which software is install windows in hp ipaq data messenger

  • Kojack

Where to get replacement baterry for this hp

  • hs

its very nice whats your think


nky, 04 May 2012pls i cant get network on my phone .hw do i retify dis.pls ... moreset your country as south africa and use cell c o mtn
settings then connection then hp ipaq data connection

  • nky

pls i cant get network on my phone .hw do i retify dis.pls i am missing my phone cos of dis problem

  • Mzunga kichaa-ndess

The phone is nice,it help me to feel comfortable while are in college because I can google material in high speed I ever seen in any other phone and this is through WI-FI.keep it up to come with more than this.

  • dwsd


  • breakers

The phone is nice but the battery is something else.

pls help us produce a string battery for it.


  • √&#873

This is the WORST handset i've used in my life. battery backup is so poot that i cant use it without pluging the charger!!!! i strongly recommend not to buy this crap.

  • Anonymous

dil, 03 Jun 2011how i change language german to english?i cant use it simply cos i donot speek german