HP iPAQ Data Messenger

HP iPAQ Data Messenger

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  • Anonymous

The phone isnt so great via design, but it has so much internet options and good camera. But these days design is so important, so previous opinion is correct :)

  • Angel

Does It have Radio ???

What is the talktime of this set ???

  • Anonymous

yeah it looks like an HTC. not worth the money imo

  • blq

not as good as could be.

to big, to FAT. level HTC Cruise, not HTC Touch HD or even Diamond.

so, HP... make some more modern, its almost 2009, not summer of 2007 :/

  • Anonymous

I want to see the QWERTY keyboard. The specs say it has it but i want pictures of it.

  • Anonymous

Well the specs are "normal"

  • xotiq

3rd....but i feel this one is not upto the mark.

  • RcX

665 dollars for this ? .. I dont think it is very fair :)

  • james

looks like a HTC