HP iPAQ Data Messenger

HP iPAQ Data Messenger

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  • Juan Ara

umm, 11 May 2009why are the y and z buttons switched around? is it really l... morethink that's bcause it's a German device

  • disserman

HP makes a great phones. Which are great usually after ~3rd service pack. Wait a year of two, then probably iPAQ DM will became a good phone. Now it's a piece of crap.

  • Anonymous

My company put 8 of these and everyone hates them, they are cumbersome, poor performance, often miss incoming calls because the screen/buttons dont respond quick enough. If this was to work as it was meant to then it would be a great phone, but the performance and stability, (often locks up, switches off etc) just makes it unusable, it's got so bad that I have just bought an old Blackberry off ebay to put the SIM into until Vodafone will swap them out.

All 8 of the users in our compnay feel the same and have either swapped the SIM's back to there old phones or bought cheap replacement basic phones so that at least they can make and receive phone calls. Not much to ask for a mobile phone but one the IPAQ seems incapable of acheiving.

  • umm

why are the y and z buttons switched around? is it really like that in real life, or is the picture just a spoof?

  • Anonymous

Jay, 07 Mar 2009So far I really love my hp ipaq data messenger. All of my a... morehi i am just about to purchase this phone but after your comments i am defo going to get one now thanks

  • Jay

So far I really love my hp ipaq data messenger. All of my assumptions before I got it have been turned upside down.

the hardware is nicer than I expected. I've watched video and seen pictures but in real life it really is a handsome design. It is thick but still sleek. Also the screen is much better than I expected for a qvga screen. It does feel kind of plasticy and the back cover is squeaky.

windows mobile 6.1 professional is a bit spartan though. All the menu's are cumbersome and could use a fresh look. Otherwise it works. 3G isn't really as fast as I expected but I'm not suer if the phone just isn't quite optimized for the US or what.

Anyway it is awsome.

  • Logica10

HP hardware is quite durable. My HW6955 is outstanding, in spite its spartan interface, this all-in-one device served me faithfully for more than 3 years without a single glitch. Hope this new models from HP continue this heritage.

  • kareme

i love this phone, hands up.........

  • Crash900s

I actually ordered this phone despite the screen resolution. I think it will be a capable business phone from a brand I trust. I almost ordered the hp 914c but I like this phone better. I think it is actually handsome and contemporary even if it is a bit chunky. Also since it is not being sold in North America I know I'll be one of the few people who own one which I like.

  • iPaq user

I love iPAQ...
i started using 6500 and then 6900... great packaging and superb built quality, after i upgraded to 600.. i'm a bit disappointed about the built quality and the accessories they included in the box (hey i pay almost 500US$!! all i got is poor quality handsfree and a data cable... it's hard to find iPAQ accessories in Jakarta, a nice leather pouch would be great to be included inside the box), i've been using it in a bout a month and i want to trade it with 900series...
i can wait till data messenger is officially launched in Indonesia, but when i see the thickness... i have no interest at all.. it's too thick... i wear jeans a lot and i don't think that Data messenger fit properly in my pocket without worrying the slide mechanism. i don't know yet the material quality (i never holds the device with my own hands) is good? long lasting paint? or is it fingerprint magnet? can it scratch easily?

  • Alexander

I bought the 614c and i think that i won't be buying any HP pda soon. Bad battery, low res display and very hefty size. The pricing is too high but it will drop rapidly.

  • Unknown

so beautiful

  • From Middle East

Better say full qwert(Z) instead of full qwert(Y) Keyboard

  • Anonymous

Looks very nice, but I don't like it; I need high techs as well.

  • John

RcX, 21 Oct 2008665 dollars for this ? .. I dont think it is very fair :)$665 is too expensive because you can see it looks like the last two-year phones. Now is 2009 not 2006 or 2007.

  • Anonymous

botox, 18 Dec 2008This is archaic. Poor display, no innovations at all. I am ... moreI support your idea. This one sounds like the highest technology phone from Hp. Why 320*240 not 480*800? Other WinMo supports only 65k color refering to the low technology in reducing power consumption of Microsoft (Symbian and Max can do it with 16M color). I don't think you buy it for your text not photo viewer. If you also want to see very nice viewing picture, don't buy it!

  • Samnang

I really like Hp products because it is durable and handsome. If i choose my idea, i buy not Hp in the reasons poor resolution display, too small screen, still 3.2mp camera. Hp's technology follow 2 years behind HTC and SonyEricsson. Do you believe me 65k on 320*240 is not for pictures, for text only. Hp should manufacture 480*800 screen phone.

  • botox

This is archaic. Poor display, no innovations at all. I am asking myself "What makes that phone better than those made 2 years ago (HTC and Asus models) , so I can choose to buy that one?". The answer is pretty obvious - Nothing. HP seem to me like traditionally mediocre brand, producing cheap stuff and never daring to develop or implement any cutting edge technology.

  • Salah

i like hp, whatever they make is brilliant and nothing is compared to its stability and durability.

  • Anonymous

Great and nice...plzupdate the price tooo