HP iPAQ rw6828

HP iPAQ rw6828

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  • AnonD-719810
  • 2SD
  • 02 Dec 2017

good look ,but waste don,t buy or don,t try for spares.

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    • SHEIKH
    • TSN
    • 12 Oct 2015

    where can i find this model battery

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      • Slim Shady
      • Yb%
      • 21 Mar 2014

      mahdi , it might be convertable to android. but theres only 64mb of ram and processor is turtle slow for Android or any other platform on it. Maybe Windows 95? but its an ARM chip as far as i know and the screens small. So sorry...

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        • edmund ong
        • Kxu
        • 16 Nov 2013

        To whom it may concern,
        Well,I'm still having this hp mobile phone with me,coz only the on/off button switch is faulty.And I wander whether hp singapore still do repair and parts replacement here?perhap you can help me up regarding the right place to send,thanks.
        Your's Sincerely,
        Edmund Ong.

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          • mahdi
          • HIY
          • 12 Nov 2013

          is that convertible to android?

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            • AnonD-119546
            • wrk
            • 03 Mar 2013

            old phones with powerful performance like a PC (not many). i've got it upgraded by myself and well, it's nice. but battery capacity is always get dropped (too old devices = shrinked battery capacity)

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              • Anonymous
              • XrH
              • 09 Feb 2013

              It also takes standard size sim cards!

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                • Anonymous
                • XrH
                • 09 Feb 2013

                Mine has a standard earphone audio out jack underneath the PDA close to the Mini-USB port

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                  • thangamnec@gmail.com
                  • 2SM
                  • 13 Dec 2012

                  uk, 05 Dec 2012how much is the price ? where can I buy one or more?where is available

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                    • uk
                    • 0pt
                    • 05 Dec 2012

                    how much is the price ? where can I buy one or more?

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                      • sorachhaithai
                      • 7XM
                      • 11 Jun 2012

                      I need to buy a Pen This Phone and battery. Where i can buy

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                        • anto.INDONESIA
                        • vfx
                        • 27 May 2012

                        nice and good handphone..i have and i like it...
                        If you have problem about software..like message error,.you can Hardreset....or you can flashing it self..very easy and simple..just need Mini SD 1Gb,and computer to copy firmware to Mini SD.

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                          • AnonD-47710
                          • wYG
                          • 24 Mar 2012

                          Hi Guys, just to update you, finally I found a way to solve it
                          Do you have error messages?, like :

                          * Path too long
                          * Error cannot delete file: cannot read from source file or disk
                          * Cannot delete file: Access is denied
                          * There has been a sharing violation.
                          * Cannot delete file or folder The file name you specified is not valid or too long. Specify a different file name.

                          For that I tried it with: LONG PATH TOOL

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                            • Anonymous
                            • uSQ
                            • 19 Jan 2012

                            how 2 buy accesory

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                              • sqeaks
                              • 8yS
                              • 22 Dec 2011

                              where can i buy a charger for it

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                                • mama
                                • K1E
                                • 11 Dec 2011

                                where can i buy the batteries this model in malaysia

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                                  • kpaku
                                  • tVj
                                  • 11 Nov 2011

                                  geodude, 01 Nov 2011If you upgrade the Operating System of this phone to Window... morehi,
                                  can you plse tell me what to do's to upgrade the OS WM5 to WM6. i got one rw6828 since 2006..tq

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                                    • geodude
                                    • Rx4
                                    • 01 Nov 2011

                                    Tarun, 11 Oct 2011Can you tell me what is the maximum size of Memory Card tha... moreIf you upgrade the Operating System of this phone to Windows Mobile 6.1 you can use up to 8GB (personally tested using a microSDHC card fitted on a microSD-to-miniSD adapter) or probably up to 16GB or more.

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                                      • Tarun
                                      • H4w
                                      • 11 Oct 2011

                                      Anonymous, 24 May 2011i think i no were You Shold Download It Did you try cnet.c... moreCan you tell me what is the maximum size of Memory Card that this phone can support.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • utY
                                        • 30 Sep 2011

                                        vidura, 03 Jun 2011pls tell me, is this phone good? What is the maximum size o... moreWhere can i get battery for hp ipaq rw6828?