HP iPAQ rw6828

HP iPAQ rw6828

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  • Elaine
  • PU5
  • 14 Jul 2006

I have changed this phone twice and the third phone have problems too but I have given up. First was the camera, the second one has icons disappeared after running some application and the third phone has problems charging! This is my first HP PDA and will be my last. If there are so many problems with this model, I seriously think that they shouldn't have launched it. They are wasting my time and money! So if you do want to buy, wait till most of the bugs have been resolved or else it will exasperate you just like me now..:(

    • S
    • Sameeer Khan
    • 2Zc
    • 13 Jul 2006

    Bought this ipaq rw6828 and have been loaded with problems and problems. Its for you guys, who I want to warn against this phone. Its just terrible. Earpiece failed , then the microphone too and the camera was horrible. HP should immediately take out some software & distribute it free to customers who bought this phone - they owe them real bad. HP - better buck up (with this quality of product), no chance of survival in this mobile market. Iam still waiting for support from the HP guys, as I have informed them my phone problem, but no proper initiative/customer support noticed.
    By the way, this is my first HP purchase, maybe last too.

      • w
      • walkman
      • PFW
      • 13 Jul 2006

      does this thing can send & receive fax ?
      thank you

        • r
        • rum
        • PF9
        • 12 Jul 2006

        Problems, problems, problems..voice echo..poor quality camera with long shutter lag...ring tone very low.

          • y
          • yusri
          • PUA
          • 12 Jul 2006

          why the camera is a bit dark compare to Atom even though with a same configuration or setting??? help me, wat should i do

            • s
            • shahfi
            • PxF
            • 10 Jul 2006

            actually i bought it around two months ago.
            i've try it so many time.Its performance is quite stable because its hard to freeze and also with new windows mobile 5,its very nice to use.The screen is also nice.Its very bright.But 1 thing that i didnt like about this rw6828 is, it is very slow.Too slow compared to my father's O2 XDA IIi.

              • K
              • KaseyC
              • ibc
              • 09 Jul 2006

              Am thinking of buying this. HAve use iPAQ b4, then switch to Nokia 6680 until now. Any problem with replying simple sms like "ok" since there is no keypad?Any problem switching fr smart phone to PDA phone?

                • T
                • Tuyang
                • ibj
                • 09 Jul 2006

                Very very poor camera phone even a budget nokia phone cud beat this chap. Own one,dont regret cause Nokia is stingy when it come to phone memory beside RM3000 symbian operate phones contains = Rm3oo symbian phone. No fun compare to window mobile.

                  • A
                  • Ali
                  • PTp
                  • 06 Jul 2006

                  Hi to all. I'd like to ask if it is worthy to buy HP iPAQ rw6828 ??? I'd like to know its bad points and the good points from the one who has it or knows about it. Secondly, where in usa or probably i'd say in Virginia, would i be able to find it? Plzzz....do let me know about it at my e-mail adress (roses_just_4u@hotmail.com)


                    • a
                    • arnie
                    • PFM
                    • 02 Jul 2006

                    hi to all,
                    can i use yahoo messenger with Hp iPAQ 6828?

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                      • ATN
                      • P%m
                      • 01 Jul 2006

                      I was also deciding between this ipaq and the atom, before choosing the ipaq.

                      There are more similarities than differences. After all, it is made in the same factory. Has exactly the same hardware, battery, dimensions, weight, camera, screen,etc.
                      The main differences are the branding, and some of the software (but functionally equivalent).
                      More specific differences, ipaq has:
                      - Silver colour of case
                      - 2 soft keys
                      - protective flip cover (2 included)
                      - inclusion of a pouch (but no extra stylus)
                      - voice command function software included

                      Main factors why I chose the ipaq:
                      - the above mentioned differences
                      - initial bugs in the atom (so far no major bugs in this ipaq).
                      - brand loyalty to hp ipaq.

                      Price is not a factor as even though the recommended price of the ipaq is cheaper, discounting of the atom (around for a year now) would bring it down to the same level.

                      So overall, it comes down to personal tastes, these two can basically be considered clones.

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                        • ATN
                        • P%n
                        • 28 Jun 2006

                        Gone through 2 hp rw6828s already, the first was exchanged for the second only after a few days as the IR was dead on arrival.
                        From these two units, one thing become very apparent: very variable quality control, mostly poor.
                        The 1st unit: IR not working, but the fit of the plastic case and also back battery cover were very good.
                        The 2nd unit: IR worked, but the case is appalling, creaks and twists, battery cover too easy to remove (1st unit actually required a great deal of force to remove).

                        Pro's: presence of the 2 soft keys, protective flip cover, silver colour, continuity of hp features (for previous users of hp ipaq's). Reasonably stable software, main frustrating issue problem has been the included pocketmusic program, crashes after playing 2 to 3 songs continuously.
                        Battery life and camera adequate, no complaints.

                        Con's: very narrow viewing angles of the screen, although bright enough. Processor could be faster, but only apparent when switching between programs, otherwise bearable. Build quality issues.

                        Conclusion: hp should have stuck with HTC products and not switch to Quanta (also makes O2 atom), a new start and inexperienced, degrading the hp brand. Was very happy with 2 previous hp ipaqs, that's why I purchase this rw6828, now not so sure will buy a 4th in the future.

                          • K
                          • Kazaam
                          • 4dx
                          • 26 Jun 2006

                          And the headset come with it is really suck! Cheapest china product, bad sound, many zzz noise...

                            • K
                            • Kazaam
                            • 4dx
                            • 26 Jun 2006

                            I think Im the 1st one who own this phone! The phone still have many bugs. Ringer is too low, signal is very weak, some problem with the device.exe and some more files! After 2 hours talking, the phone starting to get weird!?! The screen is nice, bright and sharp. Camera is ok too, but is not as good as 2mp of sonyericsson. Talked to HP, and they said there wont be an update firmware for another 4-5 months. I think Im gonna switch to O2 ATOM in the mean time!

                              • R
                              • Rajesh
                              • TS7
                              • 26 Jun 2006

                              Hi Guys, I would like to share my experience with this ipaq 6828. I am concerned with you buddies as likely you are going to spend your hard earned bucks on this piece.

                              Please make sure you check the item very very very very carefully before you walk out of point of sales with headaches that costed you USD 630. I bought this unit in Jakarta. They are giving 1 GB miniSD card plus EXIM brand screen protecter with the purchase. Although you have to manually cut the Screen protecter to fit this new small size screen.Ipaq 6828's price is USD 630.

                              But the camera on this model was worse than any 100$ phone on market with camera. We are talking about HEWLETT PACKARD. Cant they give a decent camera on a gadget which professionals are paying USD 600+ to use for their business. For Gods sake, it is not a budget phone made by a 3rd rate company. Wake up HEWLETT PACKARD.

                              I also would like to your attention that this piece looks like a toy made of cheap plastic. So what deal do we get with this mobile. Where is the plus. Any $400 - $500 gadget on market can beat the shit out of this model.

                              As a user's duties to warn any other user, I have put forward my opinion to you friends. It is upto you to decide how much you need and for what price you pay.

                              GOOD LUCK.

                                • m
                                • ming
                                • MfA
                                • 25 Jun 2006

                                i supposed this is gonna be a hit with so much power except 3g . i think i will try 1 when its released in singapore .

                                  • a
                                  • amiroxam
                                  • PFM
                                  • 25 Jun 2006

                                  everytings u need in a jiffy in ur palm 24/7 .