HP iPAQ rw6828

HP iPAQ rw6828

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  • S
  • Scott
  • PNI
  • 11 Aug 2006

Whilst i have been very happy with my xda mini II i have been looking for something better and i thought i had found it with the rw 6828. now that ive used it, there are some good features on it but guys you have failed miserably with the battery power and the time it takes to say switch between 2 dates on the calender is up to 20 seconds somethines. i cant run a business like that. i'm handing ther unit back going back to my origianl XDA. i honestly thought there'd be something better by now. Shame.

    • e
    • edwin
    • F4p
    • 09 Aug 2006

    how is the user interface of the 6828??

      • j
      • jason
      • ibH
      • 06 Aug 2006

      does anyone knows where to download free software for this HP model?

        • s
        • sameer
        • 2@t
        • 05 Aug 2006

        this is a really nice PDA to have..well initially i had decided to go for the O2 atom and finally bought this which is same as the atom..i really like it's make and features.but sometimes it tends to become too slow that i have to soft reset.. :(

        but overall i wud rate it 8/10

          • T
          • TTY
          • PAQ
          • 03 Aug 2006

          This HP model loses out to Dopod 818 pro. Both are about the same form factor and size. Both have same price tag. But the main difference is Dopod 818 has quad bands. I travel alot overseas and sometimes to Japan. The fourth band comes handy. Sound quality too is better.

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • ib7
            • 03 Aug 2006

            i just bought this phone last month n i had to sent to the hp servise center twice already due to technical problems.. what a useless phone.. *dissapointed*

              • L
              • Lex in Sydney
              • U2R
              • 03 Aug 2006

              I've had my unit for about 6 weeks now. It's great as a PDA but yesterday I had a problem with the sync function that I still have not been able to resolve. The help file and manual do not address the "synchronization error" message that I keep getting. This is irritating the hell out of me because I need to do a sync every day. So any help would be appreciated.

              The other features: (1) lousy (and I mean absolutely terrible) phone reception and lousy connection for both myself and the other party (2) the camera is only OK (3) the earphones suck big time. When I first saw them I thought someone had made a mistake, the quality and feel was so bad. They don't even fit properly in the ears. (4) the documentation that came with it could really be improved. I find myself resigned to having to visit user forums like this one whenever I have a problem.

              Overall rating: I would give it 6.5 out of 10. HP should really get its act together. This is the kind of rating you might expect from a less prestigious brand. Keep this up and HP will find itself classed among those other brands pretty soon, if it isn't happening already.

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • xcx
                • 02 Aug 2006

                Don't make phone calls while driving. So some genius SMS while they are driving. Another rocket scientist!

                  • A
                  • Azri Aziz
                  • TSW
                  • 02 Aug 2006

                  a great fone ... if not for its problems.

                  1. when on loudspeaker = other party hears mobile phone interference
                  2. Alarms, ringtones repeats but the gap is too long
                  3. i had a main board problem which caused the clock to be slower than everything else
                  4. Appointments from PC sync but without the appointment notes. from PDA to PC is ok.
                  5. lagging here and there
                  6. Wifi is only B, uses up alot of battery
                  7. reception is not so good
                  8. Cant SMS while driving. You really need two hands to use the fone
                  9. speakers are too soft, as the HP service crew said that its built in to the main board.

                  if its your first HP, i wouldnt recommened it. Buy something else. Apart from that, if you really need a PDA phone like me, then be prepared for the problems and make sure you know the address of the HP service center because you're sure to be there at some point.

                    • s
                    • simju
                    • PDW
                    • 01 Aug 2006

                    Hi all,

                    i just bought my rw6828 last week...just wondering can we set Mp3 song as our ringing tone? Pls advice...

                      • s
                      • suffian
                      • ibc
                      • 31 Jul 2006

                      My experience with this device:

                      - Camera flickering, have to reset over and over again to temporary solve the problem. I've even tried to hard reset the device but yet still have the problem.

                      - Caller cannot hear clearly when using their bundled ear piece.

                        • m
                        • michelle soh
                        • PB%
                        • 23 Jul 2006

                        just to check this HP got built in GPS? or can install ?pls help ths

                          • U
                          • USER
                          • PFM
                          • 23 Jul 2006

                          I dun noe y others have problems??? My piece runs smoothly!!! Although i was using W800i, i dun think RW6828's camera is lousy... I fall in love with this piece!!!1

                            • e
                            • edwin
                            • F4p
                            • 17 Jul 2006

                            a prospective buyer of the 6828 but have to know more about the device b4 deciding.. does the phone support WMA format for songs? how is the user interface? pls advice.. 10s!

                              • D
                              • Dilshan
                              • Uiw
                              • 17 Jul 2006

                              Yes Gihan. Please try playing some MP3's

                                • G
                                • Gihan
                                • PU7
                                • 17 Jul 2006

                                This was recommended highly at the time I purchased it last month, I upgraded to HP from a O2 XdaII. The few problems I see are the system get stuck and its quite slow at times and the 2M camera is useless perhaps the software change might give some improvement.

                                  • n
                                  • noob
                                  • TC{
                                  • 16 Jul 2006

                                  i need help..
                                  can hp6828 play any other files other than wma?if yes, what other format?

                                    • Z
                                    • Zai
                                    • TKb
                                    • 16 Jul 2006

                                    Can this piece send and receive fax? Can somebody help me. Thanks

                                      • z
                                      • zai
                                      • TKb
                                      • 16 Jul 2006

                                      Just bought this piece approx. 2 weeks ago. So far, I'm quite happy with it except:
                                      1. Camera is not up to the market standard..correction..way below market standard. I'd rather not have it all! Buck up HP!
                                      2. Speaker phone is too soft. I guess the 2 nicely metal caged speakers are gimmick. The previous HP PDA phone I had was the 6320, & I used it for 2 weeks because the speaker sound is too soft. The way I see it, there's not much difference with this unit! For RM2588 in Malaysia, HP should give more than this to the consumer. Any means to improve this?

                                      Beside that, Windows Mobile 5 is great in this piece and it's very stable!

                                        • r
                                        • rai
                                        • RB9
                                        • 16 Jul 2006

                                        hi guys, i brought this piece.
                                        i read all the opinions, but nothing of such happens to my piece. yes i do believe that the camera is not so good compared to others, but rest things working perfectly with my piece. .
                                        some ody also asked about yahoo messenger.. yes u can download the messenger for mobile 5 version. normal messenger doesnt work. need to download messengerr for windows mobile 5.
                                        i am preety happy with my piece.,