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  • Parts

Dave, 09 Oct 2020This is the worst phone I have ever owned. Had bootloop pro... moreDude that’s what warranties are for,
Had my m7 for 22 months before getting it replaced brand with a brand new one (didn’t ask why they still had a brand new 2yr old phone but hey...the warranty was 2 years on those back then)

  • htc-lover

It is a great phone. I have it for about 4 years, but now the time to move to htc u20 5g. It is time of 5g. Thank you htc.

  • Engineria

4 years old but still rocking and with no repairs needed even after dropping it so many times, a testament to the HTC build quality!

Alas, I now leave it in the car for emergencies.

By 2020 standards it's slow, but the User Interface is still better than most Android based phones, and much it's easier to use. Also the audio quality on this is also much better than most phones even in 2020!

It's a shame HTC sold out to Google and never really got the market share and recognition they deserved, but you know people are idiots.

  • Dave

This is the worst phone I have ever owned. Had bootloop problems since day one, the device froze on my numerous times a day, even after factory resetting.
I will never ever buy an HTC device again.

  • bruh

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2020Dude,do you even know what the hell is sd 730?i have an lg ... morei be confused

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2020wat a phone! well metal built, snapdragon 820 processor com... moreDude,do you even know what the hell is sd 730?i have an lg g6 and moto g5s plus,sd 821 and sd 625 respectively,tland the moto performs better,lg g6 lags now,and heats.up pretty quickly,sd.730 is 3 times as powerful compared to sd 625,what are you even talking about

  • dan

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2019Does it have bttery saving mode to get better battery life? yes it does

  • Anonymous

wat a phone! well metal built, snapdragon 820 processor comparable to current generation snapdragon 730, expandable storage,2k display with more than 500ppi , stereo speaker, head phone jack,

This phone is way ahead of its time


  • Anonymous

Sepfian, 18 Dec 2019And then, please report me, which is the better brand: HTC ... morei WOULD SAY oNEplUS IS BETTER NOW DAYS THAN htc.
"And then, please report me, which is the better brand: HTC or OnePlus.
Thank you."

  • ObsoleteTechy

The power button does not click, depress when pressed (bought used on CL). I see this is common issue, will try and remedy with canned air perhaps. But the power button is able to turn the phone and off for now anyway.

  • ObsoleteTechie

I just picked up an HTC 10 from somebody on craigslist. Nice looking build quality and design for the time it came out.

Weak wifi signal though! ONly 1 bar compared to my HTC M9 last night as well as compared to S4 Mini and Vivo XL+, Google Pixel 2 all have more wifi bars than the tiny bar I am getting on the HTC 10 sitting out in the motorhome by our house.

I am having some battery ieeus but it may straigten itself out using the battery apps accubattery as an example (which is the app that let me know it was only holding 50% capacity). I just cleared the Android Cacher Partition (which takes 3 reboots to get in to not so easy look it up), and not it looks like the battery might be settling in a bit bertter (give it a few days to make sure, just did it 30 minutes ago, but I can already tell a difference just need to wait to make sure it is consistent or not). But searching online quite a few people have batteries that went bad within 2 years of owning it. Then again I see some of that with almost every smartphone out there, yet I have an M9 right here that still has 86% capacity according to accubattery.

Nice processor speed, and the OS is good (Mine has Oreo, I want to put on some rom from XDA after I make sure the battery is not too bad).

The sound/speakers location is not as good as the m8 and m9, I sat and compared them one after another. But it still has good enough sound for most people.

I haven't really tested the camera much or the calling since I just picked it up yesterday and first dealing with the battery issue (and these are difficult to replace if I have to go that router). I got it cheap enough to not be mad if the battery turns out bad.

Even though this has a faster processor and newer OS, I do favor the M9 a bit so far. Also the M9 I have is gun metal grey and I like that better than the White M10 I have appearance wise, although the chambered edge on the 10 is a total win :)

Happy phone day! :)

  • Jude

Ahmad G, 08 Aug 2020I had this since phone for more than 3 years and I have to ... moreAgree 100%

  • Jude

I miss my htc 10. For me this is still the best design and size for a phone.

  • Dan

It's August, 2020 and my 10 is still running perfectly from new in 2016. Battery is perfect as is the rest of the phone. I have yet to find a replacement for this one without the bloat and price tag. Guess it's the red color that makes it great. -:)

  • Anonymous

I love HTC phones. HTC 10 is great

  • Ahmad G

I had this since phone for more than 3 years and I have to say that the device is still running smoothly with little to no hiccups or issues. As an Audiophile i appreciate the boomsound and the stereo speakers, both cameras deliver well rounded shots, and the phone is well crafted and designed. It still holds up in 2020 and now that Apple, Google, and Oneplus are releasing medium range phones, the HTC 10 can easily outmatch these current offers from the mentioned companies. The battery can be frustrating at times, but the quick charge technology resolves this issue and a power bank can help those who uses their phones extensively. I wish there is software support on this phone, but so far no virus has ever penetrated and wreaked havoc so I am ok with the current software version (Android 8.0)

Finally I wish that companies would re-release these phones again with better specs kinda like what Apple did with the iPhone SE that way people would be more enticed to change their phones because honestly the price tags on current flagship phones are abnormally high.
Sorry for the long post and let's hope for HTC to make a comeback!

  • Faraz

I used this model more than 3 years. Performance & quality wise excellent. Only battery drains little bit fast but this phone have fast charging options so its cover his battery drainage issue.
I gave this phone to my father after 3 years of use. Still working fine.
HTC should launch more model againest competitors.

  • Ehiz

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2020Stellar look, 2k display, stereo speakers, micro SD card sl... moreExactly!

Anonymous, 03 May 2020HTC NEEDS to come back with phones just like this... IOS on... moreI hope HTC will read this.

  • Anonymous

I do like the phone but there are a couple of problems I hate. Firstly is the phone gets hot if using it for a short period of time. Secondly, is like most phones, is the usb connections that are not sturdy. I am completely out of fortune buying them and then i notice also that the connection of phone gets looser. I just wish they would come up with something instead of these kind of connections to charge phones. preferably no wires involved