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  • Anonymous

Stellar look, 2k display, stereo speakers, micro SD card slot, handy size of HTC > current generation phone

Used non-stop for two years, then it spent a year in my drawer and now I gave it to my friend, still going strong. Shame that unofficial builds all lack fingerprint and boomsound support. But anyway you'll never get stuck on an old Android version, the community support for this model is amazing, it's like a Nexus phone.

  • Anonymous

Killer phone

  • josian

I have had several HTC phones and they have all lasted 3+ years. The old ones I still have them and give them to my kids. Very solid all of them. The only one I have had problem is the HTC 10 with the battery that I just replaced after 2 yrs.

Ismam, 11 Dec 2019I am using this mobile for last 3 yrs now I have changed my mbl ... moreAnd then, please report me, which is the better brand: HTC or OnePlus.
Thank you.

  • Ismam

I am using this mobile for last 3 yrs now I have changed my mbl next month I am switching to Oneplus 7t

  • Indra

Htc m 10 using since 3 years,its same like brand new.i drop more then 100 times no problem.

  • Anonymous

Lauren , 24 Nov 2019Same for me. I've had my HTC 10 for 2.5 years and it now shuts d... moreJust changed the battery. Ok again

  • Anonymous

underrated phone of all time.

  • Arza

Had it for 2.5 years and it still works well, depend how I use it will depend on it's drain, I use facebook it will last 12 hours, or less, If I disable that stuff and use the phone and camera and use thing as I need them it can last up to 3-4 days use, but if I hop on the net and surf for to long the battery can go in a matter of hours I enjoy the 10.. I seem to be fine so far.

  • Lauren

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2019Exactly my experience after 2 years of bliss and at least a year... moreSame for me. I've had my HTC 10 for 2.5 years and it now shuts down constantly when the battery says 65-75% remaining. Then I need to plug it back in again for it to work. This phone only lasts under 1 hour now not plugged in. Sometimes it's fully charged and then dies after 15 minutes. Not happy.

  • matt

I have this phone since release 3,5year. This phone is still flagship, only repleaced battery few months ago, and power button. Waiting for new HTC flagship maybe next year repleace this one

  • poezjusz

2,5 years and phone works still very fast, photos still ok also. I will use my HTC 10 for one more year, becouse i dont see any sense to change it. Hopefully HTC will produce some new flagship model in this time.

  • Anonymous

EricTheRed, 11 Aug 2018Second and last HRC I'll ever own. My HTC 10 is my second HTC. I... moreExactly my experience after 2 years of bliss and at least a year of misery. Mine only works now charging. I unplug at shuts itself down between 62-75%. And, I have to reboot it several times to either turn it on or off.

  • Anonymous

This is my second HTC (HTC One M7 was the first), and it was great for the first two years, at which point it started showing its age. Android 8 update (Oreo) killed it, and I had to get a replacement. I have had this phone for a total of 3.5 years, and the last 18 months have been a challenge. The phone suffers from major lag and random shutdowns, and I am definitely ready for an upgrade. Considering Google brought in most of HTC engineers, a Pixel seems to be a natural choice for HTC fans going forward. If you are using your smart phone for very basic functions, do not play games and do not plan on multi-tasking, then this is a good option. However, with the aged specs and lack of software update support, most people should look for newer, more powerful options. That's just my opinion.

  • Anonymous

Phone still running strong, replacing the battery on your own is a bit of a nightmare, but not impossible. If you get the phone on the cheap, replacing the battery will give you a quality device.

Will continue to use this phone into the future until phone prices start to reflect the value of current devices. Phone has a 1440p display and battery still lasts me around 14 hours, might need a few minutes of fast charging to make it to bed depending on use. Phone runs smoothly and the 1TB expansion can easily allow you get over the 32/64GB base storage.

  • Anonymous

Will this device gets Android pie update ?

  • Anonymous

I own a moto x force ! If I purchase this device now, will it be a considerable upgrade ?

  • Anonymous

Swiss, 22 Sep 2019Hello I'm using this phone since it's released (may 2016) and t... morecool ! thanks for your response in english !

  • Emilio

Sambiguous, 23 Sep 2019The last good HTC phone, Such a shameso true, love the one family of HTC such a good design