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I managed to pick up a refurbed HTC 10 on AliExpress for only CAD $100 (US $82). The display's digitizer came with a few dead spots and the haptic motor sometimes didn't work so I opened a dispute and got $40 back, so I basically paid $60 for the phone.

But for $60 it was so worth it. I got the red color which is super beautiful. I also love how easy HTC makes it to unlock the bootloader. I installed the CrDroid ROM, put a substratum theme over it and now it's perfect. Makes for a great backup device.

The phone heats up very easily though, I guess the people who refurbished the phone didn't put any thermal pads or heatsinks. Also it's a pretty heavy and thick device for such a small screen.

My HTC's battery was shot and the poor thing was in a drawer for well over a year. Until I finally decided to buy a battery and replace it myself. Interestingly, getting the screen off isn't the hardest part of the repair. Once you get in you're greeted with a Medusa of flex cables that nearly discouraged me from proceeding lol. After over an hour or more of really tedious work I finished the repair and put everything together. I was really pleased with the result! Everything functions properly and have given this device new life!

This thing still has a great screen with really sharp visuals. SOT is at about 3.5 hrs average which I think is fine for such an old phone. And of course the best part, that glorious headphone jack ! I sometimes plug in a good pair of cans and just kind of zone out to my music. I love this thing! I'm glad I was able to bring it back.

  • Hesh

Mehrdad, 13 May 2021I really miss my htc 10. After getting the battery issue an... moreSame thing happened to mine, battery doesn't lasts even for a minute. But I'm still using mine with a power bank.

  • Mehrdad

I really miss my htc 10. After getting the battery issue and watching the restarts are damaging the harddrive and my accounts were signing out because of that damage, I preferred to have a good end instead of an endless pain, so I left my phone alone and moved to samsung A31, Its really a piece of ****. Camera is ****, cpu is ****, you cant capture a photo as easy as htc 10 , since htc 10 had optical ois and no vibration was there in case of shooting, htc 10 had real great camera and cpu options that i cant tell them all in this comment, But I really wished that HTC could make htc 10 a superhero by just adding a powerfull battery and nothing else was needed.

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021The phone itself is pretty good, the battery is an issue th... moreI paid less than 40 euro for a new screen and battery. I broke the screen while opening it. With the right tutorial changing the battery is easily done. I only accidentally went too far with the business card i used to pry it open. Got too cocky and went too fast. Still, 40 euro is cheap enough. It is still running fine and with the latest android thx to an unofficial lineage os 18.1 build i found on xda

I think this is the only phone that support OIS for front cam?

  • Anonymous

The phone itself is pretty good, the battery is an issue though... How long the battery can last depends on one's usage and habit, I'm rather, referring to the fact this phone's design makes it very hard to change the battery, and is very likely to damage the screen while doing so, to a point that the repair shop I bring this phone to, they would tell me that they will only do the battery replacement if I agree to: "receiving no compensation if the screen got damaged in the process"

  • Liz

Dan, 11 Aug 2020It's August, 2020 and my 10 is still running perfectly... moreI went from M8 to M10 in early 2017. I still love this phone - size, build quality, performance are all good, and yes it's red. I had a battery problem when I loaded the Government's Covid App but as soon as I deleted it phone returned to normal and is still running well.
I am not sure where to go for next phone though.

  • James

Loved the phone while it lasted but it had battery issues in the end and the people who I had the warranty with weren't prepared to send it off for a new battery. Wouldn't risk buying this now though as the battery problem speeds up over a short time. If you can put up with lower quality audio the galaxy s7 was just as good if not also holds resale value better than this . We need an all screen metal phone .. ultimate phone would have HTC audio in the headphones with a 3.5mm jack, Dolby Atmos speakers, and Samsung amoled screen .

  • majid

I have since 2016, I only changed the battery once, it is still a great phone

  • Saif

Furious M, 29 Dec 2020Best phone ever, for the price and the year released - new ... moreBattery problem came after 1 year

  • Furious M

Best phone ever, for the price and the year released - new (even HTC ones) has a lot to learn. Small, powerful and still working smoothly. Started breaking now on the 4th year, but this is phone which you do no buy additional protection for in any way.

  • Amir hossain

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2020Check your battery.HTC 10

  • Anonymous

Mmajid, 24 Mar 2020Please help me i rebooted my htc and when it was going to s... moreCheck your battery.

  • Shame

Anonymous, 15 Nov 2020The last great HTC phone, its all down hill from here. 100% agree....

  • Anonymous

The last great HTC phone, its all down hill from here.

  • Anonymous

Guys whats your opinion of Sony Xperia X performance. ?

  • Parts

Dave, 09 Oct 2020This is the worst phone I have ever owned. Had bootloop pro... moreDude that’s what warranties are for,
Had my m7 for 22 months before getting it replaced brand with a brand new one (didn’t ask why they still had a brand new 2yr old phone but hey...the warranty was 2 years on those back then)

  • htc-lover

It is a great phone. I have it for about 4 years, but now the time to move to htc u20 5g. It is time of 5g. Thank you htc.

  • Engineria

4 years old but still rocking and with no repairs needed even after dropping it so many times, a testament to the HTC build quality!

Alas, I now leave it in the car for emergencies.

By 2020 standards it's slow, but the User Interface is still better than most Android based phones, and much it's easier to use. Also the audio quality on this is also much better than most phones even in 2020!

It's a shame HTC sold out to Google and never really got the market share and recognition they deserved, but you know people are idiots.