HTC 7 Mozart

HTC 7 Mozart

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  • Anonymous

This will be my next phone. Microsoft will release copy, paste, and many more update soon.

  • Anonymous

pik, 13 Oct 2010quick and simple - this is my next phone. i was planning to get ... moreI completely agree.

HTC Mozart has everything to become the No 1 all-round phone.

  • pik

quick and simple - this is my next phone. i was planning to get a nexus cause i love android, but win7 phone blew my freaking mind, i don't even care about those limitations, they're gonna get fixed anyway

  • Clint

ian, 12 Oct 2010can android run on this phone??Why on earth would anyone with a brain want to run Adroid on a phone thats designed from the ground up to run WP7? Why not just get an Android phone then?

  • Mobilemaster

Disappointed, 12 Oct 2010What no external SD card slot, is that an HTC or Microsoft Stuff... moreThe problem is with Microsoft I think! They made a MISTAKE again. The new OS lacks many things.

  • dalvir

everything perfect, but batter should have been designed for 1500 mah, but it can be tolrated....., secondy, it should be scratch resistent... then its a 100% complete phone now i give 90 %, but every should buy its totaly different gift by enjoyy

  • Anonymous

With those W7P limitations...Microsoft's following the footsteps of Apple...funny.

  • Snake

Nice piece of design. So bad it runs WP7.

  • Disappointed

What no external SD card slot, is that an HTC or Microsoft Stuff up? Why is Microsoft or HTC trying to follow Apple iPhone instead of leading from the front? After waiting so long it certainly screwed up my plans for Phone 7 in the enterprise. Maybe Android is the better option after all. Come on Microsoft show some leadership for a change - assuming you read these comments which I doubt.

  • ian

can android run on this phone??

  • Mobilemaster

[deleted post]It is really sad what Microsoft done. Almost all the Windows Phone 7 devices are looking fantastic, butif the specs are not good... :(

  • Glittin

It doesnt support video calls...

  • mix

xenon flash?!

  • Anonymous

The OS is good but still has a lot of things outstanding that will make it excellent, they are keen to get back into the market after the rough patch last year also known as the TG01....the new software is in its early stages but they are putting a lot of work into it and have some great features such as pocket to photo in 4 secs due to the light sensors live via handset....zune and the live tiles that make it more personal than iphone I think in a years time windows 7 is the way forward

  • Mobilemaster

Soon many companies will announce their new Windows phone 7 phones. In my opinion the new OS is very weak. NO Copy paste, NO Bluetooth file transfer, NO Mass storage mode, NO... No...
This is ridiculous!

  • ...

Super amoled is better

  • Gowind

hey, could any one please tel me whether winmo7 supports video call as i have not seen a sec camera on any of the proposed devices.

  • Anonymous

Nima W, 22 Sep 2010HTC Mozart spec page; Sep 22 2010, 10:11am Wednesday (GMT) T... moreBecause of there thier loyal fans

  • 050

Is it better than Super AMOLED?

  • rucelee

no card slot ??