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  • sammi

Anonymous, 21 Jul 2010Exactly! I'm also disappointed like you, no front cam! shit I li... moreend up what phone u choice? i using vivaz now... but always hang.... so bad...actually i waiting iphone 4.. but many comment for this phone... so i should choice another brand

  • Sohaib

What's with those huge screws at the back? They make the phone look so ugly!

  • Mo

this is one of the coolest phone i have ever used .. i was thinking abt milestone .. but when i saw this one and felt it by my hand .. i didn't find any difference with my ipod touch .. infact in some sectors this is faster ..

  • Phoner

Is it really true that Telstra in Australia will be releasing HTC Aria?

Or is GSMArena wrong?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2010Bah! no front cam!Exactly! I'm also disappointed like you, no front cam! shit I like so much all the HTC phones and I wait and wait but they never release a phone with front camera! I know for someone could be useless, but for many like me that need to do a lot of video call, I have to choose another brand :-(...

  • ram

Allen, 04 Jul 2010This is the best phone i have had for yearsssss..I been using th... morehey can i buy this fone from the site u mentioned and unloack it and use it in india????

  • Alex

who's that backlashing HTC achievements? I love everything about this phone...and to all the fellas out there...the phone was developed for call sharing..and later integrated with cameras, music, videos for our piece of lets not engross over and and complain...well if my good fella calls HTC shit and Iphone something..then you should turn the pages and see the variability of products offered by HTC in compared to only 3 models from Iphone...both have their goodness and something to nudge stop bickering!!!

  • Phoner

Is this almost similar to HTC Wildfire?

Seems like HTC Aria is the Android version of HTC HD Mini, while HTC Wildfire is the mini version of HTC Desire.

  • Anonymous

The MOD, 13 Jul 2010@carstun how could u have this fone a year ago when it was only ... moreno big difference than HD, why should i buy this? i cant believe HTC is not producing something better than iphone. i used to say iphone is peace of sh it but no my bro bought it and its a lot better than HTC. iphone is quality. this is an HTC HD user saying these. so truest me.

  • The MOD

@carstun how could u have this fone a year ago when it was only announced and released this year. and wats soluble in water and petrol got to do with anything.

  • Anonymous

Bah! no front cam!

  • carstun

vkhan!, 10 Jul 2010itz amazing how android is taking over da marketi bought it 1 year ago. its the most fatigue phone in the antartica. as it is the too much diffuseable that it is not soluble in petrol against water.

  • Anonymous

what is this capacitive screen and a 1200mah battery.

  • Anonymous

can this phone be used in asian countries??? unlocked version may be.....but is it available???

  • vkhan!

itz amazing how android is taking over da market

  • cecret

can i buy HTC Aria in sweden ???

  • Anonymous

I don't know exactly what they call 'secondary camera' but I assume it when a phone have the lens at the front and back. I don't have the Aria [as yet] but the lastest one that I have is the HTC Touch Diamond 2...Which does have that feature. slide to camera, click the cam,click the icon that brings the menu, click the wheel and then click camera..hope this helps

  • Tor

ekie84, 05 Jul 2010is aria gonna be GSM phone...probably not right?hmmmI'm pretty sure EVERY phone on this site is gsm.

  • Anonymous

htc, like sony ericsson, don't like to incorporate secondary camera on their phone but i believe they will do so in their next models because iphone have secondary camera on their iphone 4. copycat. at least nokia and samsung always have this features on their smartphone even though they also are just copying iphone design and features.

  • giovani

ekie84, 05 Jul 2010is aria gonna be GSM phone...probably not right?hmmmthe aria is a gsm phone it is already out on the AT&T network