HTC Butterfly 2

HTC Butterfly 2

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  • desire

my HTC butterfly 2 doesn't read sim it suddenly just stopped and started loosing network

  • abbasi

Dear Sir
my HTC BUTTERFLY 2 phone back camera not open.please advise ???

  • Hussain

tiekyu, 02 Sep 2017battery life 66 hoursThis is buttery life is HTC butterfly 2 buttery life save

  • AnonD-523385

AnonD-597184, 13 Oct 2016just install greenify,rooting first..and make a widget turn... moreNo need root

  • AnonD-522344

Dear Sir,

My phone just went belly up and I need a replacement.

How is your Butterfly 2 holding up in use now?

Is it still a good buy now? Thank you.

  • tiekyu

Hasan03, 08 Jul 2017What is the battery life of this phonebattery life 66 hours

  • tiekyu

Anonymous, 08 Jul 2017How long it takes to charge ?it takes 2 hours to charge.

  • ckc214

2g,3g & 4g are fully auto. Waterproof is good been using it hiking under rainstorms and skiing under snowing for years...

  • Hemamt

Anonymous, 08 Jul 2017How long it takes to charge ?This phone 4g????

  • Anonymous

How long it takes to charge ?

  • Hasan03

What is the battery life of this phone

  • ashrayyan

How long take time to fully charged ?

  • Sang Merah

I need help. I just bought my phone - htc butterfly 2, 2 weeks ago. But now my phone cannot switch on after run out of its battery. Any suggestion?

  • Iu

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2016Hi Naifah, thanks for your suggestion. So, default double-t... moreAdd a soft key to turn off display..

  • Iu

I'am using butterfly 2 for couple of months. (i am a phone changer :-D). One of the best phones i have used. Fast, nice camera quality(in good light conditions), good battery life, nice sound quality, no lags, average heating(not uncomfortable to hand).. The problem are the camera lence is scratching and the back cover get dirty very quickely.. Almost good phone for price.

  • Teckhead

Hi everyone this is my review of HTC butterfly two. It wasn't the best built device with the best camera quality and design therefore it was one on the least popular phone back in its days. But overall it's a fast and smooth device with no real major flaws. Now in some countries it's being sold for dirty cheap prices. I bought mine in Malaysia for around 120usd meaning one third of what it used to be. This is absolutely insane!you can update it to Android marshmallow 6.0.1 which is awesome believe me it's faster than a lot of new phones or there and you get flagship features such as NFC, IR BLASTER, 4G internet and IP x6 . For now the smartest choice in Malaysia.

  • AnonD-651953

You can upgrate to Android 6

  • AR Shah

It has officially updated to which version of Android.?

  • GJAN

LOL, 22 Oct 2015man, this unit is water RESISTANT. not water PROOF. it is t... moreyeah..water proof n water resistant is different things..hehe

  • Anonymous

AnonD-599530, 19 Oct 2016Double tap to sleep is work on lock screenCAN U tell me about this fone how is it bec I bye tomrrow