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HTC Butterfly S

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  • jamil

Slupi_talli, 04 May 2018I have used this phone for the last 4 1/2 years. So far I h... morehi..where u change all phone need camera and batter replacement

who ever has this phone i wish i bought from u, this was my best htc phone ever when it came out. the battery and performance were great no hustle. sad thing it got stolen when i was in school. still sobbing till to date

  • Slupi_talli

I have used this phone for the last 4 1/2 years. So far I had replaced the back camera(Violet bug removed), Charging port PCB, SIM/SD Card slot/Top Microphone/Front Cam PCB and the battery. I already have ordered the touch screen/digitizer/display combo. I use it with 64GB SD Card.
The phone was used with silicone case and plastic screen protector for 3 years. After that without screen protector and the display is still without a scratch. It was dropped at least 15 times on various occasions. Sound is still great as well as the display. It started to lag with some version of FB, so I switched to Lite and it is fine now.
However, not updating to Android 5 left me with a nasty features of the KitKat apps reserved space and inability to move files around the Internal and external memory. If that was done, I'd probably be a lot more happy.
Amazing reliability of this device in my hands. I am looking for a new device now and giving the missing 3.5 mm Jack port, it will not be a HTC.
Loosing the ability to charge and listen the music concurrently is no option for me.

  • AnonD-740702

I still have this phone. No lags at all, even I had installed apps for gaming and social media. I had lots of pictures, music and files too and still no lag. Battery works fine, not easy to drain battery. This is what i love about this phone. However the back camera is not working properly already, it has pink filter whenever i took pictures at night or with a florescent light. But works fine whenever i took picture outdoors.

  • Timi

Can I upgraded is to 6.0 ?

  • AnonD-618901

Daniel PB, 24 Nov 2016I have this phone since it's launch and I tell you all this... moreSame here, bought it in Dec of 2013, for a 3 year old gadget still works fine (with lag) and for the purple camera in medium to low light, and just like you there is no way to get it repair in my country, the time to look for a new phone is coming

  • Daniel PB

I have this phone since it's launch and I tell you all this is a great phone.
I got problems, and in Brazil couldn't get the phone repaired.
It's camera still have problems (purple tint) except in sunlight.
I got touch problems too in 2016. Miraculously I solved this with a factory reset and turning the phone off for about 6 months. When I turned it on and tested it came back to normal.
Maybe the problem was caused by a drastic overuse, I used it a lot and still use, but always take a good caring.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2016Hi the dual sim variant only has 2,300 mah..I'm... moreBuy the 32000 bro u wont regret, had this phone untill it got stolen value for your cash

  • Real steel100

Best phone i have ever used untill it got stolen. PURELY BALANCED PHONE TO DATE. SUPERB MUSIC QUALITY🙌, best battery n good camera. I miss this phone

  • Anonymous

akki, 09 Feb 2015Pls don't buy HTC butterfly s dual SIM 9060 it has only 230... moreHi the dual sim variant only has 2,300 mah..I'm going to buy this because of the 3200 mah i better cancel my order..please confirm ASAP..THANKS

  • kant

afreed, 09 May 2016my butterfly s is showing touch problem,its touch is workin... moreU have to replace ur touch pad
Similar problm i had

  • aks

i have butterfly s but not showing LTE option in network can u help me???????????

  • simplo

i have my butterfly s only for 2 month and it cannot read its headphones any longer. today the battery shake inside and i can no longer recharge it please help me

  • jm

is there available OS for my htc butterfly s?

  • afreed

my butterfly s is showing touch problem,its touch is working automatically when i use my phone

  • Foesey

whats the remedy for purple tint on my camera?

  • Wael

I have a problem
My phone is not feeling the sim card
And give no service

What is the solution, I am in KSA

  • joo

its a good phne comparing to s3 nd s4... bt cameravis nt as much good comparing to iphone 4s.. thn hw can i moves phne storage to external storage.. is thr file manager in ths phone.. pls help

  • AnonD-317560

After few month of peace, I got some annoying issue. My screen always rotating 180 degres, even in the drawer menu. Definetely I turn off the screen rotate button. I did factory reset, but that problem still persist, now even worse, my screen wake up by it self when I turn off... no idea what happened to me. So sad. In my country, HTC service centre are very very rare, almost bankrupt.

  • Mark

This phone makes me sad. I bought in 2014 and I had for like 2 months then I was robbed in a bus by a thief who drew a gun at me. I only had it for two months but man I was so bitter with that robber cause this is one of the best phones I had