HTC ChaCha

HTC ChaCha

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  • Surya S

Fida, 01 Sep 2021I want this..... How can I get??? It's available on Flipkart

  • Fida

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2018am also looking for itI want this.....
How can I get???

  • Fida

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2018am also looking for itMe too

  • Anonymous

Does the dedicated FB key still work? Does FB still work on this phone?

  • WCM

Cha cha real smooth

  • Anonymous

afreeka, 21 Apr 2013though the bAttery is short...buh is beta dan nokia fone...... moream also looking for it

  • Hugi

Its very good phone with most ergonomic keypad i ever had. Now i own blackberry keyone but still miss chacha keypad. Those TAB button, arrow keys were very useful, specially while using terminal app. People complaining here don't know how to downgrade the firmware. Because first android 2.3 firmware was bug free, super snappy, requires small resource.

  • Anonymous

nickky, 01 Mar 2017Most comments are by people who just don't know how to use ... moreyou still using??
which os version is running at this time?

  • Rose

Hey can I get this phone I'm in Kenya

  • AnonD-687772

I will like the this to use the order?My country is myanmar,it your support?

  • nickky

Most comments are by people who just don't know how to use the phone, I've been using it since 2011. Battery lasts 2.5 days of 30 minutes of phone calls, couple of SMS, e-mails and a lot of what's app with taking pictures here and there. If you only have what'sapp and skype installed(and Viber, but it is no longer supported due to screen size). Memory problem doesn't exist. It works fine, you just set all e-mails and messages, as well as apps to save to memory card. You can't install any app you like, only messengers, facebook and instagram. Battery will drain faster if you don't turn off background data, or play a lot of video. Radio and music can be played all day. Keyboard is a bit hard to press, but in general it works OK. Camera is great, and has a manual mode(same camera as iPhone 4s). My biggest gripe is having to not press the phone all the way to your ear, or you'll be activating things by touching your head. It is also very drop-resistant.

  • silent champion

what a tranquil machine htc chacha, but sincerely let us improve on the issue of battry life and the phone's memory holding capacity

  • nanna

i have a problem ,when i swice off the cha cha ,and i swice it on, the keyboard light is ok,,, when i go to the pawer batton and i do it stand by,,, when i swice it on the key board light cames off . ther is same ting that i can do in it?

  • Anonymous

Just a crap phone, call button stops working after 3-4 months of purchase. Battery worse, not even worth Rs.500

  • AnonD-157024

i had this phone and i have got to admit that htc completely failed with this phone the battery is rubbish doesn't last a full day and the small internal memory is terrible and the screen size is just not big enough i understand that it has to fit the qwerty on as well but there's no need anymore to make a hybrid really anymore

  • milind

dear friends can anyone tell me how to select its 3G network and how to use default memry as memory card and not phone memory

  • Anonymous

this phone is TOTAL crap! the memory is too small, it fills up way too quickly, it's constantly crashing, after a while the only app u'r able to use is whatsapp, it's difficult to move apps to the SD card, the touchscreen barely works, compared to this phone even old nokia brick phones like the 3310 feel superior (and more reliable)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-94903, 30 Dec 2014really great phone that doesn't freeze or hang as for the l... moreHow

  • AnonD-157024

I have this phone and I am quite disappointed with it because not only if you try to move apps to SD card it crashes and reboots it also has a crap battery life and it just die within 3 hours of use which is terrible if anyone can help with the SD card my review will not be as bad just the battery pisses me off and also the amount of storage on the device available is terrible.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2015The internal storage of my cha cha is only 150MB. it can do... moreI am, having same problem, driving mad ! 😤 . And I can,t seem to move apps to SD card. Just getting memory full. And google has stopped ? Aaah.