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  • sdfsd

dejca, 15 Sep 2020The handsfree option is always on on my phone and I can... moreTake your battery out.

  • dejca

The handsfree option is always on on my phone and I can't turn it off and use the phone, does anyone know how to turn it off.

  • Anonymous

GodFather, 10 Nov 2019Owning this phone back in 2011 was a real deal, optical tra... moreIt's neither Scorpion CPU of Qualcomm nor the GPU of Adreno can be execute the application, then and now. . There are nVidea, Tegra GeForce Go Model of nVidea GPUs, as apples or samsumgs own brand of CPU then, plus the present Media Teks or SpreadTrum UniSoc should have such process execution, only if their capable,.otherwise it will burn out. . with insufficient RAMs power to access load unloadimg such from CPU's inappliability to execute, lest it would toast itself, my hTC One X. . not in ratio with rhe CPUs processing power in convwrse, of so variability and so interchangeable to interoperability of complex micro compuring operating systems processes.. . 🤔

  • red

OnlineInvestigator, 05 Feb 2020This was my first android phone that fascinated me in every... moreYou should Like "none' to grow up for your ”neither”, of any two phones when so many competitor phone brand then are available, even so the same brand yet varying models exist within family line of hTC. . as Desire HD existence then, prompted me to buy it instead of the Desire Only existence without that defining moments of the Definition Highness, that so defines HD as High Definition, that you are able to got hold on to with vagueness of variablility of brands and models exiatence so rendering better command of the English's 'amongst" encompassing to call on not only the simplicity of a nor intead of non~sense neither (well supported on technological evolution for smarphone pioneers then) of your idea, of Desire alone by hTC, itself. . 🤔

This was my first android phone that fascinated me in every way one phone should... It has fantastic design and functionallity like neither that days... Wish I was packed him and saved for future playing 😍 htc forever

Owning this phone back in 2011 was a real deal, optical trackpad was coolest thing ever to have under the screen (And some Sony Ericson Phones too) And this beast had AMOLED display back then. Most of the apps were executable with that Scorpion processor,Battery backup was shit,but since it was first version of tate model so it was best for sure back then

  • flagshipper

This was the best smartphone used.
Looked so good, the UI was still consistent on Android, thanks to HTC widgets, everything looked similar. Now Android is like Windows, in total chaos.
Also this phone has got optical mouse in the front, that was fantastic! You could scroll without touching screen or use as a home button.

  • Anonymous

Still the best Android I ever owned. Fit in the hand perfectly and made sense. Been using the Pixel the past 3 years and while it's fast, I don't enjoy using it as much as with the original Nexus.

  • Carl

My first smartphone. The screen is wonderful. Very handy to use.

  • Malossin

Ranjith kumar, 16 Dec 2018I'm not satisfied for this mobile because nobody can repair... moreGuess what? Nobody cares.

  • Ranjith kumar

I'm not satisfied for this mobile because nobody can repair this phone my phone has a problem nobody cannot solve it. I think I hate it mobile

  • sunil

i have a htc one mobile...i have never been seen like this type of worst mobile......battery strength is very poor and quickly it becomes warm....

  • Anonymous

Ammu, 09 Oct 2017I'm using HTC desire626 dual 4g Mobile .....up to one year ... moreVery worst.

  • Anonymous

Vry good mobile ...i want to share my today experince with my htc phn. today my phn fell down from second floor to ground floor nd you wont belive even i m not beliving it got little screct only nd it is wornking properly like nothing happened...clapping for htc phn...

  • light

A good mobile

  • lox

I want to update my phone

  • sunny

the mobile is good...but service centers is worst...

  • lala

I have htc desire 828.never purchase this mobile.its bettery going always low..nd mobile is always connected with chrger.this mobile is like dustbin piece.never purchase htc mobile.worst mobie ever i have seen.never invest money in htc is a piece of garbage only.i had already waste my 20000 money on customer servise is also below the is good for nothing.waste only

  • Ammu

I'm using HTC desire626 dual 4g Mobile .....up to one year it is good but after one year it's going to switch off when battery level is 70%.....if u hv any solution tell me.
HTC mobile not hv any re-sell value

  • Gajju

Never purchase HTC mobile.
Worst mobile i ever use.