HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle

HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle

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  • AnaDi Mishra

really was sad to use HTC.
1) battery drains very fast.
2) 3 hrs to full charge
3) can't call if using wifi

1) awesome display
2) high def sound quality of speaker

  • Mrsimon

How do i find a charger port for this phone

  • Ramesh

My phone htc desire10lifestyle hav complaint. Data. Wify everything ok but call option not working. Always can help me to solve this problem

  • Mohamed eliyas

HTC desire 10 lifestyle.this phone has only one that is phone battery shows exclamatory marks whens the charge is in 90%and it decrease charge by 6 and it takes.full charge 3 to 4 hours

  • Anonymous

This phone worked smoothly for about a year. I was quite satisfied with the performance. Then it started showing issues and now the phone won't even switch on without plugging it in.

  • Kristian

Never again HTC phone in my life. Really really bad. Problems with charging port,slow charging. It sucks...

  • Faway

Please give ur opinion if you used it? I really wanna know??

  • Anonymous

is this supports otg

  • harikesh

htc always awesome phone

  • AnonD-690879

mikes, 24 Oct 2017im looking to buy the HTC desire 10 lifestyle based on read... moreSadly this phone is straight up garbage. The Snapdragon 400 came out in 2012 bad washed out 720p display. Crap battery life and poor charging speed. I would recommend Xiaomi

  • Vedy90

This phone only has 2GB of RAM!!!!!!!!!

  • mikes

im looking to buy the HTC desire 10 lifestyle based on reading some comments and watching videos all and all is it a good phone as i only wanna use it for calls, texts, youtube, and few social media apps ?

  • amrutha

earphone can not be connected to htc phone other earphones can be connected.
HTC earphone can be connected to other phone but not for HTC

  • Adam

yashpal, 03 Sep 2017you tube app problem in this phone. some times automatic sw... moreI got the same problem and I am using Desire 10 Pro. You have to uninstall the YouTube update.

  • yashpal

you tube app problem in this phone. some times automatic switch off.

  • Anonymous

Dual sim specification

  • Arun

Digs, 23 Jun 2017I bought this phone last 3 months ago. After i download the... moreIs it Android 7.0 OS?

  • Arun

AnonD-620617, 14 Dec 2016Is the secondary card slot common for, expandable memory an... moreIt's a dedicated slot you can use two Sims+memory card

  • AnonD-683691

this phone drains fast,if your a gamer dont get this..itll heat up your CPU..go and get HTC is ok because there is HDR...overall its not worth getting unless youre a person who likes to text or call and watch videos,that i can recommed this phone for you!

  • Abdul Hadi

it is very good i really like it