HTC Desire 12s

HTC Desire 12s

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Anonymous, 07 Mar 2019No thanks with MediaCrap...... Better having Snapdragon tha... moreWhy releasing kernel sources is so important when you will still upgrade to a better device in the future? I'm sure that's what Mediatek is allowing. And is not just up to the chipset manufacturer but also the device manufacturer to release sources as well. I have Samsung phone with a Mediatek chipset and it does still get security updates. And it was also schedule to get the Android 10 update by mid this year.

  • AnonD-819322

Adul Al Salami Kebab, 28 Feb 2019Well 28nm + octa-core is gonna drain that little battery fa... moreMore cores actually equal better battery life, batteries have improved significantly in the recent years, the Lenovo P2 has 8 cores and has one of the longest lasting phones. Also 28nm chips don't mean that much. My Moto E2 gets 10 hours SOT, so do many newer phones with 14 or 7nm.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Anonymous, 07 Mar 2019No thanks with MediaCrap...... Better having Snapdragon tha... moreRather Mediatek than recharging the device 4-6 times a day...

  • benkakooza

thought HTC could improve on this handset, this is not enough though..... outscore processors consume more power.......downgrade its processor.

  • Anonymous

Adul Al Salami Kebab, 28 Feb 2019Well 28nm + octa-core is gonna drain that little battery fa... moreNo thanks with MediaCrap...... Better having Snapdragon than the closed source rare to no custom rom support mediacrap socs.

It's sad seeing the state of HTC (particularly their mobile division) these days :(

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Well 28nm + octa-core is gonna drain that little battery fast, why did they not grab a MTK Helio P22 or MTK Helio A22? Both would be better for the battery! D:

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2019HTC phones are undoubtedly brilliant, but they are not givi... moreYou barely can fool people with this type of marketing. This device has outdated 2 years ago. It's built on same platform as 2,5-year old Redmi 3s 32, but cost more than that museum exhibit.

The red price for this one is 100 euro. Real price is more like 80-90 euro.

Company's January revenue has hit another historical bottom - just under $33 mln. And tha's revenue, not income.

  • Kingpin

Nokia phones/HMD Global has only put out one ‘high-end’ phone, the Nokia 8, and none offering the kind of performance the true flagships on the market can boast.

Rather than headline-grabbing flagship features, Nokia’s success is the result of fusing a well-known brand with good build quality and decent specs in key components like the battery and camera..

And that’s where HTC’s strength can still lie. It’s hard to say how strong that heritage is now, given that half of the HTC's smartphone staff have moved to Google, but if enough remains of the engineering team and facilities, there’s still a chance that we’ll continue to see HTC phones on shelves in years to come.

  • Anonymous

HTC phones are undoubtedly brilliant, but they are not giving the right combination of features, they are confused about customers requirements. unless the give the right blend of features, they will loose all their markets. Not a single phone with the right blend of features except their high end devices like u12, u11.

That camera lens though...OCD

  • AnonD-819322

Seems like a decent entry-level smartphone, HTC actually created a decent phone in the cheaper end of the market. Price needs to be less than £140 if HTC really want it to sell.

  • opinion

why always HTC all devices makes internal memories 32-64 there is no variety

Palm phone is better than this!

  • sj643

htc, why r u wasting your time on such crap?????

  • Erick

Atleast processor could be at midrange like snapdragon 600 series with bigger battery, so atleast some people consider it. But with this specs it would be a worst design and worst battery phone ever from HTC

  • Dave

HTC is alive? looooooooool

  • Anonymous

Lol. Why do y'all care so much? "Bring back the old HTC" and stuff.
Just how movies have filler, the same is this phone.
This is just a low end phone meant only to raise a bit of budget for the upcoming flagship.

Also, it looks quite cute with that weird quirky design, tbh.

  • Your Big Daddy

This company is so desperate and getting crazy now, lets see whats going on.
two different part of the body, did HTC learn from Google? by the way Google's design is already horrible, and HTC can top that, that is amazing

What's with that camera placement lmao.
Dem HTC workers really trippin'