HTC Desire 12s

HTC Desire 12s

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  • Anonymous

HTC, i'm still your fan too as many others. What i love is Dual Boomsound and Led notification. Let make M8 Great Again ! Keep dual boomsound and update finger sensor on the back. You'll comeback to your age again.

This isn't... Are you kidding?? I used to be a fan... I'm still a fan (not of this desire 12s crap) but we need forward movement not backward movement. Learn from past mistakes and upgrade.

  • Anonymous

HTC, please just give us an updated U11+ with 2019 specs.
Easy money.

  • Anonymous

HTC..are you even trying anymore?
Xperia is struggling, but at least they're giving all they got in order to stay in this world of mobile tech.

Hard to sell, other brand consider SD 636 to SD710 as mid range, even lenovo immediately update S5 Pro device from SD636 to SD660 so their model can catch-up to the latest chipset.

  • Erick

Another worst specs smartphone from HTC for 2019

  • Anonymous

maybe in concept it has 2 or 3 main camera, but it was canceled :v

is SD435 still capable for 2019?

  • Subrey

Worst design ever !

  • #true_facts

the camera bump is not in middle position because the designer lost the scale when design this phone LOL. HTC you will die soon for your over priced phone with less features.

bad design,no 4k

  • Mr Brickfoneson

my ocd is getting restless, htc !

  • Anonymous

HTC by this ... she want to die quicker

  • Adreno320

Over priced ! Your Losse hTC

HTC Grats SD435 for 200 euros with specs of 2016-2017.

  • Saleem

Camera placement??? hahaha

  • Anonymous

It's like they're not losing money quickly enough so they release this.

  • Anonymous

mike, 17 Dec 2018HTC moving against the trend trying to give worst mobile w... moreWell actually they are going with the trend. Everyone is trying to offer the most crippled phone possible with the most ridiculous design possible.

  • Anonymous

Those camera placement is epic. Will bring an OCD to person who doesn't have OCD

Nice phone, but camera placement........ : (