HTC Desire 320

HTC Desire 320

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  • Umnope

I bought this phone 2 years precisely in august 2016 for 70$
The phone doesn't hang, I've used the phone for years and never had the restart issues everyone complaining about.
You get what you pay for tbh the front cam is a joke and i never used it, the main camera works great in lights, and it is amazing in shooting 1080p vids but once it gets dark you gonna suffer.
The battery is acceptable it lasts you a full day but once you're on the cellular data it's gonna be drained quickly
Now the bad thing about this phone that i guess it's made out of crap, two months of use and i encountared a problem and it shut and never went on again, i gave it back since it was under warranty and i received a new one. And after 2 years of use the phone died again due to a "memory" problem inside it.. if you're reading this and thinking whether you should get this phone or not I strongly advise you to get something better because it's not worth it..

  • AnonD-737062

This phone is terrible!I'm happy i've got an new one.It would just shut down randomly.

  • Claudia

After my phone died I'm using this as an spare until I get a new one. It works fine so far. Don't expect many fancy things and super speedy performance (mine is the 512 MB and can't play some "heavy" games after all). But for calling, texting and light web surfing it does wonderfully. Screen sometimes used to freeze but lately I'm not having that problem. Battery life is decent, for me lasts one day with a single charge. Camera is awful though.

  • Blobe 1

Had one from coming out, and still have i.Good camera and phone. Blobe.

  • ivans6582

this was a good phone when i first got it, but there where definitely issues with it, like typing was always a few seconds behind, the GPS has never worked for me, and the cameras are very bad, unless your in direct sunlight, and then they have a very bad glare.
it got extremely laggy after about 3 months, it was very difficult to type, let alone play games, i eventually factory reset it, and installed clean master onto it, and it an pretty well i guess, it did still have issues when typing and switching between apps.
when running games it would get very hot, i at times would need to close the games and shut it off, or else it would freeze, other times it just wouldn't open the games, or it would get too hot and shut off completely by itself with no warning.
i am still using this phone (due to no other option) but i am no longer able to put apps or anything else onto it, because of updates to the factory preinstalled apps, and i cannot unupdate them because the refuse to work, so i am left with a phone i can barely text on let alone play games, i feel like this could have been a much better phone, if there had been a bit better hardware on it, bu being as it was a budget phone i get what i paid for.
long story short i recommend against buying this phone.

  • Eve's

AnonD-605799, 03 Nov 2016This phone has to be the worst phone I have ever used. From the ... moreMy phone is showing phone has stopped please what should I do?

  • Huy Thanh

Using this phone is as a second phone: call and SMS and not others.
Camera is very very bad. Ring and vibrating is low... Oh, because of the price is E80 only !

  • AnonD-644607

maria, 11 Nov 2016I have Desiree 320 for more than a year, my cam was bad and my ... moreWhilst phone is on goto settings, scroll down to backup & restore. Back up your Palnackie data either to Google servers or your home computer,then (on same page) scroll down to factory reset.reset phone turn off, then restart. It should load exactly the same way you purchased it.

  • random pleb

The phone is garbage
used it for about 1 year and it keeps freezing , shutting off
youtube videos have delayed sound after 1 call and i have to restart the phone.

in short:
Don't buy it , save your money

  • poop is the pienus

this phone is aids

  • niff

you cant store jack shit on 4gb, it is laggy af with 512mb of ram and the cameras are garbage, i need a new phone asap!!!

  • maria

I have Desiree 320 for more than a year, my cam was bad and my system crashed and it restart all the time . I want to reinstall the software, but I dont know how. Can any one help me fix my desiree HTC 320. Thanks

  • AnonD-605799

This phone has to be the worst phone I have ever used. From the soft buttons destroying my gameplay, to brutal sluggishness when doing pretty much anything. It's like using a scooter engine in a tank, tank sucks because of it. Not that I'm saying it's tank like I'm sure the first time I drop it it will shatter like a cheap wine glass. HTC if you are going to put out a budget model either splurge on making it better and charge a bit more or don't bother. I used to laude HTC phones but this one makes me want to vomit

  • KD

I am using this phone from february 2015. There is no problem for my phone yet. The only problem I felt was the poor front and rear camera with a useless flash. My phone never gone hang till day. But dont buy this phone, you will get a better phone with better spec at the same price.

  • doreen

please how can i see the setings

  • Huy Thanh

AnonD-563519, 23 Jul 2016Hi sorry for my bad English. I need an help. My Desire320 can't ... moreReboot it, then set up you gmail, guy.

  • Cristi

Bloody useless. My first smart phne bought from local Carphone Warehouse, who just wanted the contract and fobbed me off when I later complained. Had nothing but problems from day one, a year ago. Have to take the battery out virtually every day, as the fully charged phone dies without warning and it is the only way to reboot it and the cover has started to split as a result. It gets red hot and dies without warning. The screen calibration seems to be haywire, I hit a letter, it lights but the next letter appears on my screen. A couple of days ago, the diialler would not work at all and now I have no phone whatsoever as it refuses to accept the charger and is now dead. I would not have another one if you paid me..budget or not...

  • kukuku

the sd card slot doesnt even work

  • Jade Schembri

AnonD-567613, 02 Aug 2016ive been using this phone (eu edition with 1 gb ram) for two wee... moreYES

  • Anonymous

- There is no autofocus
- GPS is poor (working only after being serviced; even so it is very sloooow and losing signal very often)