HTC Desire 320

HTC Desire 320

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  • AnonD-567613

ive been using this phone (eu edition with 1 gb ram) for two weeks till now
nothing to blame atm it works cool and the battery is good,the phone didnt hang at all.. just the front cam isnt good for taking selfies

  • AnonD-563519

Hi sorry for my bad English. I need an help. My Desire320 can't synchronize mails. What can I do. Thank you.

  • Lex

AnonD-543952, 01 Jun 2016i got problem with software .. it keeps rebooting all time .. ho...

  • Busaman

Jack in the Box, 02 Mar 2016It is a piece of s*it...not worth the money you give for it...yo... moreI'be had mine for about a year & it's been perfect & I only paid $40 for it at a 2nd hand shop.

  • Ribby C

Anonymous, 28 Oct 2015Please i need help as how to fix my phone....i was charging my p... moreThis has just happened to me too.... I'm really stuck :(

  • AnonD-543952

i got problem with software .. it keeps rebooting all time .. how to repair it ?? or should i change software ?? can anyone pls give me link of ROM file for this mine is from europe ..

  • AnonD-537733

AnonD-496623, 03 Feb 2016Not a good choice for the price I bought. It shutdown himself a... moreI agree with you

  • AnonD-537733

It does power off without order more than three time per day

  • Huy Thanh

Luckily, my phone HTC 320 is still working well after 9 months of use!

  • Anonymous

Can't put apps into ad card

  • Anonymous

its a pretty average phone, there some lagging here and there but if you get a cleaning storage app(i use clean master) on it and a SD card for it, the phone should work well

  • Anonymous

So laggy! Sentence appears about a minute after you typed it. Freezes constantly. Standby button regularly decides not to work, I constantly have to take the battery out and put it back in again. You get so much more for your money with a windows phone; they cost the same as a low end android but are infinitely faster and more reliable (if a bit lacking in apps).

  • unknwn

GPS is slow and unreliable ... if it ever works!

  • tails1234

the software is rubbish, it doesn't have flash capability, the screen malfunctions and the streaming speed is slow at best also it downloads software that if you forget to close your phone does not charge

  • bimalkc

Mark, 28 Nov 2015Worst phone I've ever owned. The touch screen is so bad it often... moreI got this Phone from my brothers as a gift but from that day my mind is ruined by this phone. This is a piece of shit as to me. I'm very much fed up with this phone as it is not switched on from 2 hrs ago but as I press the power button it starts to get on but still can't. I'm trying all those things but still I'm unable to switch it on. I guess if anyone can solve my problem here . Plesae don't even think to giva an idea about Pressing power button with volume key. I tried all those keys which this phone had but still this phone is dead.

  • rush

Jack in the Box, 02 Mar 2016It is a piece of s*it...not worth the money you give for it...yo... moreagreed... however the faults are the touch screen, i believe. when im txtg it constantly clicks the home button or finds the wrong letter im typing and the auto correct is bad. it takes me 2 min to send a 10 sec txt. so for this reason i HATE this phone. there really isnt much about the phone that stands out. but i know that android phones are all getting worse. it seems that there trying to be like apple. i HATE mac and will soon figure out how to use Linux on my phone to solve many probs. including privacy issues.

  • Jack in the Box

It is a piece of s*it...not worth the money you give for could get way better phones in that price mark...the display is a torture device...

  • James

Jesse Howe, 10 Feb 2016well that's total bullshit! this phone can barely run the apps ... moreIts actually a really good phone. You normally get 5.5GB out of the total 8GB but what do you expect? Its £50, not £200-300. Put in an SD card (normally does the trick for me). Never freezes for me (in fact, the S3 my friend has freezes constantly and needed me to clear out all the crap and cache from her phone and its still slow)

  • James

SD card sorta works, it doesn't disconnect for me but for some reason any file on it counts as internal storage for the phone
Great strong phone (fell out of my bag onto some rocks on the coast and only suffered two scratches), very fast and good quality, well worth the £50

  • Jesse

Anonymous, 13 Aug 2015Dude- that's what the SD slot is for.the SD slot doesn't work. if you put in a new micro SD it will work for a week or so and then it'll start disconnecting the sd card randomly and in order to fix it you have to take it out and put it back in again but then eventually it disconnects again