HTC Desire 616 dual sim

HTC Desire 616 dual sim

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  • seema

what will be cost for this phone ? when can we expect this phone in indian market ?

  • Anonymous

please release it as much as possible i am waiting for this model. instead of octa-core quad core is also reasonable. in guad core it will be popular because it deserve all feature which anybody require

  • mihailivanov123­sire_model_leaks-news-7662.php

Is this is the phone from the link above?

a company called thl make a phone like this called the w200s, and it has the same specs, except thl have been making it for over a month. I have a w200 and the internal pcim board overheated and broke. Do not buy from them, as the warrenty is rubbish

  • chiro

OMG, octa-core processor and quad-core graphic and only 1gb RAM. This is rumor only, so I don't think that HTC is so stupid to make this specs. :D

  • AnonD-240253

Best spec and the price very affordable..its only approx 200 USD

  • AnonD-183610

Amr Sameh, 27 Mar 20141GB Ram ?! and Octa Core ! :S wired ! Ya
Octa core cpu, quad core gpu and nly 1 gb ram

  • Amr Sameh

1GB Ram ?! and Octa Core ! :S wired !

  • veer

Wow HTC is best I love HTC phones

  • Anonymous

1 GB RAM and Octa Core -___-

  • Tariq

same phone
very sad

  • android-boy

no beats audio ???

  • android-boy

no beats audio ???

  • Anonymous

Nice phone