HTC Desire 616 dual sim

HTC Desire 616 dual sim

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  • worthit

HTC Should Compensate all the Buyers, who bought this Phone - As right from the first day it has hardware and Functioning Issues

  • AnonD-729287

At start it was good to use but after 5/6 months many apps says "sorry this app has stop working, 1st option Report & 2nd option Close" Normally when I report,it send a mail to I don't know where exactly but there's never a feedback/help nor an improvement. There's no update till yet for the android. The jack for earphone has stopped working all of a sudden and it is not repairable in my country as there's no spare parts being manufactured for this model of phone now.

  • AnonD-695324

My phonne is slow charging

  • Anonymous

my phone unable to working because the water.

  • Anonymous

My htc not work call

  • vipin mishra

samia, 27 Jul 2016Why all the comments say that this is a bad phone?? it isnt. I H... moreMy HTC desire 616 dual sim hang problems

  • Legend

Have used this phone for a year and suddenly the software began to crash, m particularly disappointed wasn't expecting such a short lifespan from a branded phone like HTC

  • Yas

I bought this for my wife last year. I have decided to never buy another HTC again. Memory problem.

  • Sanjay

bhavesh, 04 Dec 2016Thanks for your reviews. Recently I m also facing audio Jack is... moreRubbish phone. No sufficient storage. Audio pack problem. No risk free rate is available..... save yourself from this phone

  • Sangeeth


  • Fortifox

Crashing, mean death to internal memory, that can be cured only with replacing for new one.
I make such thing, and have HTC 616 with 16gb internal memory. ^_^

  • girija sankar

c4, 02 Jan 2017Does this phone support 4G?no it doesnot support 4G.

  • Ssm

Guys, this was my first smartphone. It was very good for the first year and after that OS is crashed. This problem continuously occurred even after repairing everytime, I tired of visiting service center because of this software issue. Finally I gave up this mobile. It's dead now. Still can't believe hot HTC manufacturing this type of phones. Don't waste your money

  • prajapati anil

c4, 02 Jan 2017Does this phone support 4G?Best perfect mobile

  • c4

Does this phone support 4G?

  • Mahesh

PARTHI-PONDICHERRY, 30 Sep 2016VERY VERY BAD, Exactly after 1 year my mobile was dead due to so... moresame here...

  • Anonymous

If u want to purchase troubles for 16000, then buy HTC 616 and enjoy

  • ifeanyi

the phone is always hanging to the extent that now its no longer powering why is it like that. now i do visit phone repairer shop every two weeks, in fact it sucks am tired i don't advice anyone to buy it again.

  • Hem

Is it 4g or 3g Mobile

  • bhavesh

Abhishek kr singh, 08 Jul 2015Same problem happens with me also, within 8 months my audio jack... moreThanks for your reviews.
Recently I m also facing audio Jack issue. After going through your advice and of many others having similar issue on this platform it saved me from visiting HTC service centre.
Thanks everyone