HTC Desire 616 dual sim

HTC Desire 616 dual sim

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  • Hem

Is it 4g or 3g Mobile

  • bhavesh

Abhishek kr singh, 08 Jul 2015Same problem happens with me also, within 8 months my audio... moreThanks for your reviews.
Recently I m also facing audio Jack issue. After going through your advice and of many others having similar issue on this platform it saved me from visiting HTC service centre.
Thanks everyone

  • RVD

Worst phone i had ever seen in my life so sick of going service centre .using since 2 years but didnt get a update where in others have marshmallow .
dont buy this piece.

  • irshad

phones looks good but coming lot of problems in htc mobile phones

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Oct 2016I bought htc desire 616.It worked perfectly for 11/2year,Th... moreExactly I had the same experience

  • Anonymous

Phone looks great but that is just as good as it goes, it hangs, battery not so good it has seen more of the repair shop than my palm.

  • Anonymous

It's a very good phone. I'm using this phone since 1 yr, and I have very good experience with my HTC 616..

  • rhea

I have this phone from the past two years and i have used it less and have taken it more to the service centre. worst experience with the phone ever.

  • kritika

niikson, 16 Oct 2016can we use OTG cable in htc desire 616? nup

  • yaaru

Hii guysss I'm using. Phone for 3yrs it is very bad phone that I haven't experienced yet.There is no battery pickup it maynt stand even 5hrs while watching videos even hang many more times and no update version even for this

  • niikson

can we use OTG cable in htc desire 616?

  • Anonymous

I bought htc desire 616.It worked perfectly for 11/2year,Then audio jack not function properly and slowly software gone.I install software for three times and then phone has become dead.I sent it to service centre they said it repair cost will be 6500.I BOUGHT IT FOR 16000.It waste of money.I

  • Sultani

This phone is not bad to such extent but the problem is when or after switching data bundles on,,, phone comes to be very hot never seen the phone like this in my life and I'm regreting why I have used a lot of money to buy this phone,,, it's my mistake basing on branding name,,, so those who expected to have this phone in future don't waste your money to buy it.

  • NAIM

thiis phone iis realy fantastic phone ,i am using this phone last 1 1/2 year, this is realy good working

  • suraj kedar pune

Very Bad! My phone get dead. It can't start. Only boot screen is display. Also headphones jack is faulty . Battery backup is not good. Camera is Low. Body of phone that is plastic quality is too bad. Phone get hangs. No software update till.
Don't buy this phone as I waste 16k on it.

  • AnonD-592145

VERY VERY BAD, Exactly after 1.8 year my mobile was dead due to software issues..... HTS service center is not ready for repair HTC desire 616 and asked to out of sale & service, while minimum 5 year service with payment basis after sale.

If HTC is not provide payment basis service ………, and simply wasted my money 14K........ Don't go for HTC Mobile ...... and also not sale Flipcart HTC mobile if HTC is not give service support after warranty period.


VERY VERY BAD, Exactly after 1 year my mobile was dead due to software issues.....and simply wasted my money 16K....... Don't go for HTC......

  • Jo & JP

We both bought it on same day and after an year of good experience the software crashed on the same day. Both of us fixed it twice. Again the software issue continues once in two month. Spending 16K on this phone and using only an year is something irritating. Very bad experience.

  • Sandroaz

really very bad experience with the software issues after one year,before 1 year the phone was working perfectly.......i got it 3 times repaired

if u r using it for light weight purposes then go for it,else i recommend look for another phone......

  • suren

there are a very big problem of software in HTC 616, three time i have got it repaired but again same problem, very bad experience with HTC, will never buy HTC phone in future