HTC Desire 626s

HTC Desire 626s

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The battery is so bad on this phone I bet the iPhone 5 has a better battery life. Drains 100 to 40 in less than an hour even with just minimal use, and even on airplane mode & extreme power saver mode + lowest brightness setting. The LG Optimus F3 I had before it had a better battery life but it unfortunately bit the dust due to ROM corruption.

Not to mention there is virtually no storage space on this phone.

Decent knockaround/burner to keep some wear and tear off of your nicer and more expensive phone, but there's better phones out there for the $, especially being that it's been more than 5 years since this phone was originally released.

  • Anonymous

amy, 25 Jan 2021i had love this phone my htc desire mash up this year I had... moreSo how did your phone end up in mash potatoes?
Did you eat it?
I'm thinking about buying this phone but now that I know it even tastes good I'm getting it for sure !

  • amy

i had love this phone my htc desire mash up this year I had it since 2015....... i would back this brand.

  • Anonymous

Ibrakadabra, 16 Jun 2018The screen always go off when i switch on m'y data it is di... moreyes mine too, flicks a lot such that can't use due to poor network band am guessing. camera also not good. 5mp pretty reasonable but for this phone kinda poor. I also can't fixed the account thing...keeps on sending feedbacks like 'don't send or send report' then just exits everything. also can't upgrade to android 6.0.1😬😬😬

  • Adwaith rb

Is there any software update for this ?

  • superk

Rosmel, 05 Dec 2018Hello, is compatible or not? I want to know how to transfer pictures or documents to the sd card

Got a google locked one yesterday for $20, was super easy to bypass. Decent backup phone but it's definitely not fast but that's to be expected from an aging budget phone

  • Rosmel

Mari, 27 Aug 2018I need to know if this phone supports 3G to 900 Mhz WCDMA t... moreHello, is compatible or not?

  • Jashin

This phone does not support 4g? In india?

  • Amir

Can anyone tell me is it dual Sim? If dual then where putt 2nd sim? Mobile box write dual sim

  • Mari

I need to know if this phone supports 3G to 900 Mhz WCDMA technology, can someone please answer this?

  • openpagesgold

I really like the phone, I am actually enjoying mine, it doesn't crash, and it's very fast and strong. one of d greatest challenges of most smart phones is the screen breaking when d phone falls , the HTC 626 Desire s has surmounted that challenge to an extent. it's a cool phone.

  • Liv

What a horrible phone! It was my first phone that I got when I was 13. It wasn’t bad until about five months later. It became slow and was constantly having trouble. It used to restart itself, buzz uncontrollably, everything I did was delayed and sometimes it would even open apps randomly such as google. It made me so mad. One good thing is that it’s pretty indestructible. I did finally get so mad at how poorly it ran that I threw it hard on the ground and broke it. The camera sucks as well. I don’t recommend this phone to anyone, not even as a first phone or a budget phone. I have since upgraded to the iPhone 7+ upon turning 15, and I’ve had no trouble whatsoever.

  • Johnneriz

How do I switch to 2g..please help me

  • Ibrakadabra

The screen always go off when i switch on m'y data it is disturbing me a lot

  • Freda

I love mine

  • Puns

your24-7pctech, 21 Apr 2017You can actually put over a 200gb micro sdxc or sdhc chip a... moreAs younsaid intried and it doesn't work. still ahows the same insufficient storage . The metro pcs guys said its the phone problem . So its worst according to me

  • Anonymous

Bad phone. Mono speakers (unlike the HTC M series) and not nearly enough battery. On TMobile, mine could not have had a 2Ah battery. At most 1.5Ah, but more like 1Ah.

  • changes

worst phone ever, 3g does not work in Nigeria, even d 4g

  • ahmed

great phone but 3g is not working in Pakistan.