HTC Desire 728 dual sim

HTC Desire 728 dual sim

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  • Anonymous

its a good mbl am using since month

  • Anonymous

apu, 08 Apr 2016Otg supportable?No

  • Faridi

i ordered HTC 728 dual 4glte ,But i want to know that it is supported 4g or not,and one more thing what is it's configuaration for Dual Sim like WCDMA/LTE,LTE/LTE,CDMA/LTE,CDMA/GSM.please help me.

  • vicky

i used this phone since from last week, m very upset with this set bcoz in two days it's motion sensor has stopped working.

  • Anonymous

Can you guys give a honest review about this device because bad trolls keep making bad troll comments. And also, right it with correct grammar. I cant stand any of you guys writing bad english.

  • bab

Zink, 11 Apr 2016Using this phone since 1 month.Great performance.Camera quality ... moreIs it 4g enabled and how do I know the phone can do 4g

  • Zink

Using this phone since 1 month.Great performance.Camera quality is satisfactory.But low light capturing is bad.Front camera doesn't disappoint.
Decent design.
The best thing is that having octa-core processor it still doesn't heat up.
Battery life is too good.Features may sound less worth for money but believe me it really performs well.

  • SK

both camera very bad and battery backup is not good.

  • Aman khan 9313821819

sajid , 09 Apr 2016Guys I want to buy this fone Please tell me how is this fone very nice phone as well as desirable

  • Bab

please does this phone has 4g or lte enabled

  • aashu

Bad phone ....motion sensors ,auto rotate sensor and speakers are not good . Front cam is really bad ,flash and battery not goad ...sometimes hang while multitasking ,display got broken without any reason .only phone restart works good coz it cant work even single day without restart ...simply dont buy dis phone ...o.wise u r wastin ur money

  • sajid

Guys I want to buy this fone
Please tell me how is this fone

  • apu

Otg supportable?

  • Lam

AnonD-522297, 04 Apr 2016This a pathetic phone. Let me tell you my story. I bought this ... moreMannnn...some think here...

  • Rick

Hi there..I got an HTC Desire 728g.. I want to enable vibrate on answer.. but i cannot find any settings for it.. I want the phone to vibrate whenever someone answer call.. Help plz..

  • sayan

does this phone otg supported???

  • AnonD-522297

This a pathetic phone. Let me tell you my story.
I bought this HTC Desire 728 on 11th March, 2016... I faced 3 different problems in just 2 weeks.

Problem 1:- The very next day I played a video in Youtube and wanted to see in horizontal view. I found that the "Auto-rotate" wasn't working. I restarted the phone and it started working. But this turned out to be a frequent problem. Whenever Autorotate doesn't happen, you need to restart the phone and it works.

Problem 2:- After 3 days I had put an old sim of mine in the second slot since it's a dual sim phone. I realized that whenever I put dual sim I lose my mobile network in the first sim. If I do Airplane mode ON and OFF once, it connects but not always... 60%-70% it actually doesn't.

Problem 3:- After 16 days from the date of purchase, unbelievably the display got screwed up without dropping the phone anywhere or without even roughly using the phone. You will agree that any human being will use a phone very smoothly with care, which was bought just 2 weeks back from his hard earned money... But believe it or not, the display was gone. Though it was in a position to dial a number or check the time etc, but display was gone upto an extent where a video or a photo can't be seen. I got really really pissed off. I felt like breaking the phone with a hammer and capture a video of me doing it and upload it in Youtube.

Well, that's not all. After 3 days I went to the service center since the phone was under warranty. Not to my surprise, it was not only me. Out of some 12-15 people sitting in the service center during that half an hour time period of that particular Monday, 3 of the people had the same display problem. Now wonder how many complaints would be coming on a daily basis in a single city in a single service center.
Wait, hold on. What you think, they rectified my problem within 2 hours??? They said it will take one or 2 weeks since it's a new phone and the parts are not readily available.
Really..??? First of all you sell a defective phone, and then you say parts are not available?? If it's not available it's your problem, why should the customer suffer.
You know how much I am pissed off while writing this review, but since it's a public post I somehow stopped myself from writing some slangs and scolding this HTC for making such phones.
But my honest suggestion, please please don't buy this phone and waste your money.

  • vikas

Camera is very bad

  • vikas

Sahil, 01 Apr 2016But HTC 728 has not a good camera quality so tell me that this p... moreHTC desire 728 camera is not good. G sensor not works sometimes. Flash is sooo warm like fire. Battery backup is no good . This mobile is very bad. I have purchased this before one month. Very bad Mobile

  • sanvi

its very poor camera quality phone....I m not satisfied