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HTC Desire 820

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  • Auncle
  • mt4
  • 07 Feb 2022

This phone is pretty sluggish nowadays(well you could improve it's performance by getting a custom rom going), but man, this phone is a literal tank, i've never seen a more resistant phone that isn't dedicated to be resistant (caterpillar phones for example), not going to lie this phone was a beast when I had it, good phone

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    • Casual User
    • mHr
    • 09 Oct 2021

    As of 2021 this phone has became unbearably slow and it is almost impossible to have any modern apps work on it without constant sluggish performance. It doesn't really help that HTC has packed a lot of bloatware in to this phone that cannot be removed either. Overall this phone is a mix where some things are ok but general use is a bit frustrating at times.

      Lorenzo, 19 Mar 2021I've had this phone since 2016. Such a great phone. No... moreYou could maybe have HTC fix it if they nice to do it. But itll cost you. And even if u went to a shop. Those parts are hard to find i guess since pretty much not many people have an HTC these days. Its mostly LG, SAMSUNG, and iPhone.

        I had this phone in grey with orange accents. At the time before 2017 i knew nothing about phones at 2017 i started to get more into the specs of the phones. I never used the camera or cared and so on but now i care about all of it.

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          • Anonymous
          • mHr
          • 27 Jun 2021

          While it is true that this phone has very loud headphone output which is ok for users who like to listen their music very loudly unfortunately its hardware struggles to run casual apps. Also i do not understand why they went for the on screen controls when HTC M7 had physical touch sensors at the bezel as the screen is pretty small on 820.

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            • LightnerMagic
            • mHr
            • 14 May 2021

            Smithy, 14 Feb 2021Phonearena audio measurements are not using high impedance ... moreExcept vast majority of headphones and earbuds are not high impedence and to this day HTC 820 remains the only phone that still has the most powerful audio output to headphones. What's even worse is that the safety cometees across the world has began limiting audio output on modern tech even more than before due to potential risk of lawsuits.

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              • Lorenzo
              • Jxk
              • 19 Mar 2021

              I've had this phone since 2016. Such a great phone. No problems at all until I accidentally dropped it into the water a few months ago. Even so, it still works, but I can't make my call audible to the other end unless on speaker mode.

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                • Smithy
                • nDF
                • 14 Feb 2021

                BunBun, 17 Mar 2020This phone is great for one thing only and thats listening ... morePhonearena audio measurements are not using high impedance headphones probably because Loudest phones when using > 50 ohms headphones are by far LG phones with quad dac.

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                  • Samsuddoha
                  • mT@
                  • 20 Nov 2020

                  How Can We change the battery?

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                    • Anonymous
                    • D02
                    • 08 Jun 2020

                    We even call this an "iron box"

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                      • BunBun
                      • mHr
                      • 17 Mar 2020

                      This phone is great for one thing only and thats listening to music, i got it long time ago after stumbling upon phonearena website audio benchmarks where HTC 820 showed the most powerful audio output through its headphone jack. After hunting one down on ebay i can confirm that this phone is incredibly loud for listening to music through headphones. If listening at maximum volume for just few minutes you can hear ringing in you ears for a while after you pulled the earbuds out. That just show what a insanely powerful audio amp this phone has inside. Unfortunately music is the only thing this phone can do in 2020 due to its dated hardware. Weak CPU and a limited 2GB RAM of memory makes this phone "crawl" when using modern apps. Web browsing is slow, facebook and whatsapp can make this phone lag and video calls can drain its battery in a matter of moments. Also the Android 6 update seems to have done more harm than good for this phone as its now making some 3D apps stutter non stop and RAM memory seems to be almost all used up by OS and built in apps alone. If you are a fan of loud music and looking for a budget mp3 player this phone is great as it can take up to 128GB SD Card, but if you are looking for a proper phone for modern apps i would recommend finding one that has at least 3 preferably 4 GB of RAM.

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                        • ok...
                        • Jpc
                        • 13 Jan 2020

                        happy that people still remember this phone

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                          • Henry
                          • XB3
                          • 01 Dec 2019

                          Miljan, 30 Apr 2019Worst phone ever. Turns off at 13% of battery, twice erased... more13%? Better you! My 3yr old HTC Desire 820 simply switches of at around 35%, or even 40%! Even when plugged to charger, it would refure to turn on.

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                            • Miljan
                            • d%{
                            • 30 Apr 2019

                            Worst phone ever. Turns off at 13% of battery, twice erased by it self all data, actually sense stopped working and had to do a factory reset.

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                              • Aathill
                              • XSJ
                              • 07 Oct 2018

                              I use HTC desire it was great phone ever but once you have a problem that phone has useless of Battery problem and charging problem if the user safety should must if u use carefully it works wonderfully.

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                                • basicuser123
                                • gIP
                                • 23 Aug 2018

                                I had it for more than three years which it worked great. After hitting the three year mark, it started to slow down, but nothing that can not be tolerated. For a basic user, nothing to fancy, works just great!

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • NvH
                                  • 23 Apr 2018

                                  Anonymous, 13 Dec 2017Used this phone for 16 months. Didn't have a good experienc... morei got the same problem too. I'm using the phone for only one and half year from now. #poorservice

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                                    • Dilwar
                                    • 3J%
                                    • 13 Apr 2018

                                    My phone to much problem always showing all log tools are stopped and bettry over temperature

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                                      • Tuhin
                                      • Hy6
                                      • 30 Mar 2018

                                      This phone is really awesome good . I used it. It's damn good for slim boddy, big screen and it's best phone for schreen short.

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                                        • AnonD-743351
                                        • Ss1
                                        • 09 Mar 2018

                                        Uns, 16 Feb 2018Google play service is not supporting In my phone... No pl... moreTry to update to latest firmware, Android 6.0.1. Then save all your data to a computer and do a FACTORY RESET! It will work!