HTC Desire 820

HTC Desire 820

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  • Jafar

This phone made me a hater of htc. after using this for a week , I never bought any htc mobiles.

  • Kushalava

If you see above screen it showing Android 4.4.2 up to 6.0.1 but this wrong update. there is update since 2 years and still running android 4 only there is no update as of now. really shame on HTC

  • Anonymous

Used this phone for 16 months. Didn't have a good experience. The battery life is really useless. First 6 months was good then it just started draining. Towards the end it just switched off around 40% .
Sometime when a lot of messages come on WhatsApp the phone died.
The touch started lagging .
The HTC phone didn't recognise the charger it came with after 8 months, said charging slow please use the original charger. Even though I used that. Maybe it's a problem with that particular charger though, I'm not sure.

  • Ebi boy

The HTC Desire 820 is a terrible phone. It overheats and reboot consistently. It makes a horrible and embarrassing siren-like sound when the battery level is at 15%. This is the worse phone I have used. I heard HTC phones has battery issue and this has proved it to me.

  • Strange

I once reboot my phone.i want to update my phone but it's not get hang most of the time.can I fix it by updating.

  • Shilpi

I never used so bad worst mobile in my life .Software is very very slow touch screen is also good. It's hang a lot .Guys if take this mobile think 20 time

  • Anonymous

Jio works fine. Remember to insert the jio sim in the first slot.

  • Anonymous

My HTC Desire 820 dual sim stoped working just a year after purchase. I couldn't even claim warranty just by a few days. First one of the sim slots went bad. It would just not detect the sim. So I started to use the 2nd sim slot which also went bad in a few days. Also my phone started to shutdown automatically. And finally it shutdown and never come back to life. I took it to HTC SERVICE and they told me that the mother board needs to be replaced and it would cost me ₹10K plus taxes. I said No and just bought a new phone for that money. Very bad experience and looks like this phone in particular has a problem as per what the service guy told me. I wouldn't recommend this phone.

  • Anonymous

aria, 05 Sep 2017I got the phone last year in October and over the past mont... moreDon't worry I faced same issue but once reset was done all is good

  • Moon

It's just useless, The touch of my phone are very vulnerable. I can't handle it anymore

  • Suresh

aria, 05 Sep 2017I got the phone last year in October and over the past mont... moreHello it is running after use of 19 Months.If you use the total Memory Capacity for any phone it will struck.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2017Is it 4g enabled? yes

  • aria

I got the phone last year in October and over the past month, it's just useless. Randomly shuts down, battery overheating, the battery life is also terrible now. Software problems also it seems considering sense home is constantly acting up and causing the phone glitch. The only way it works is if I do factory data reset, but then in an hour or two I'll need to do that again. Also, no point in contacting HTC for help.

  • jdeb

I bought this phone on 25th December 2014 and I had good experience with this model until yesterday. The motherboard is gone completely. Past few months have been rough regarding battery backup (became very poor and it used to take very long time for charging.).

PS: The phone was amazing for me but now have to move on.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2017Plz don't buy it. I have this phone for 2 years and it has ... moreCompletely agree, I have this phone from November 2014, very first phone bought from my own earned money. I must say it's built like a tank, I don't baby my tech, used it with case and it's still new like. Yes overheating, battery drain, many things are there but that's expected since it's a smartphone and 3years old. Back in good old days HTC provided it with 2 major update, I am happy. Battery is dying now, hardly 1.5-2hrs screen on time, takes 5hrs to full charge but still no lag, hang,app crash is still fantastic,little bit of slow. Mind it, it was the first phone with today's so popular series of Snapdragon 6XX. I am upgrading to OnePlus 5 or Moto g5s plus or Moto x4, still haven't made up my mind. I hope HTC made better phones to choose from but anyways much better players are here already, many things changed from 2014. Now even sd625 phones costs as low as 9999. 6gb ram is the new standard.

  • Anonymous

Plz don't buy it. I have this phone for 2 years and it has NOT stoped working. no motherbord problems, no charging problems. Yes the battery is weak after 2 years and it has slown down but it has ben 2 year in all weather condisions. What do you expect from a budget smartphone. it cant go forever.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2017Is it 4g enabled? It says LTE so yes..

  • Anonymous

Is it 4g enabled?

  • Aishwarya

Pls guys don't buy HTC 820.I have used these phone for 2 years and it is getting hanged, the phone gets shut down suddenly.It has heating problem and battery also gets drained very fast.

  • Rahul

Plz don't buy has so much hanging problem .....or not enough internal memory.......... it has king of problem