HTC Desire 820G+ dual sim

HTC Desire 820G+ dual sim

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  • gehrman

Heh, my mom's been using this for almost 6 years. It's still working relatively fine

  • Anonymous

Bhong, 04 Feb 2020I'm using this phone for long time ago, but on last year 20... moreMine tooo

  • Anonymous

Bhong, 04 Feb 2020I'm using this phone for long time ago, but on last year 20... moreSame story

  • akram


  • Bhong

I'm using this phone for long time ago, but on last year 2019, the battery had a problem. is was Apearing in the Display " The Battery is Temperature is Too Low" and th3n Su─Ćdenly power off and it does not Charging the Battery.

  • bava

Any system updates not available....


bought this phone two years ago ,its a good one but at the moment the camera isnt working.

  • manoj

i had been using this mobile from lunching but still not come any updates of this mobile because of this i cannot use latest visions of any apps like wise pubg mobile

  • youni

I bought this phone two years ago it better than others but
not 4g
not battry life
hot fast
when use alot data internet the phone burn and the display changed to browne
os old

its very thin light fast charging good display good camera setting and shot prefect
it does'nt low speed in two year

  • SREE

Software problems in many times.

  • Anonymous

i am using it now the dual sim
but it just freeze it is going of or on what can i do?

  • kenana

I have used this phone since 10/2017
I wish to update its android system, it's very old android 4 !
I will replace it in the next months
Good phone but very old android system

  • LjubaSerbo

This phone was used by me for 2 years.
After that, there is some hardware bug, OS stoped to work in conflict with HTC sense ...
Ater factory reset, phone works normaly ... untill new version of HTC sense is downloaded ... and phone goes in dead loop.

Batery consuption also became too big after hardware issue.

I must find a way to make custom ROM on this phone and to disable HTC sense .

  • fox

I can't download any app from play store yet the phone read 29GB.....when I do anything it read whether stopped what is wrong with HTC 820+

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2017Just remove the memory card and everything will be ok Hello Kindly who knows where the SD card slot is in Desire 830+ kindly.
And then why is it that I still have like 29,GB internal storage yet the phone acts like the storage is full stranded please help

  • Kashif

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2017It has battery problem. It is showing low battery temprature. Beautiful fone

  • Cosmas

can't download app from play store...... reason is no enough space on device yet internal storage is still more than enough


Looking wise good but no more functions and mainly do not come updation..Running cheap version of android 4.0...........

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2017this phone is 4g or 3g3g

  • Sravan Kumar

Abeer, 21 Nov 2017I want to updated my phone but there are no update...I want to update my phone but there is no updating
My phone android version htc decire 820g+
I want to update 5.0 lollipop version