HTC Desire 828 dual sim

HTC Desire 828 dual sim

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  • Francois beaIni

Hello there, can anyone from the HTC company support help me, cause my HTC desire 828 suddenly turned off and I can't turn it on

  • Mohamed ali

P, 21 Aug 2017i bought this phone three months ago, now it is shutting do... moreGot the same problem what do i do

  • Rexy

Sunit patra, 18 Jul 2018Is it really happens? I just buy a HTC desire 828 dual.Try to sell it to some one and get a Samsung or MI phone

  • Rexy

The screen got damaged. Original replacement at the service center quoted Rs. 8000/- whereas I got it done in Rs. 3000/-

Earlier after installing Whatsapp phone used to hang. Now its working fine after adding a few upgrades.

RedMi or Samsung 4GB RAM is much more a better option to buy. Buyback of this phone is Rs. 1450 whereas i bought it for Rs. 20000 from Reliance

  • Rimpi qatar

Oh! Poor battery backup please don't buy

  • ak

Its good Phone. Camera is good and performance is really good.

  • klaus

life ruined by this phone pls don buy ths

  • Satish

Worst phone I have ever used. does not have LTE so its not supports 4G network. battery, charging, speakers , network issue. plz do not buy any HTC.

  • Ramakant

One of the worst mobile
Voice problem
Jio will not work properly
Not LTE supported

Very bad phone I ever used. Low performance battery and worst speaker.


Worst phone I have ever used. Very low battery capacity & useless speaker.

  • Sunit patra

A Rauf, 16 Nov 2017Been using since july 2017.. really fast n responsive.batte... moreIs it really happens? I just buy a HTC desire 828 dual.

  • Anonymous

sunil, 19 Dec 2016Hi... i m using this phone 4 months......baterry drain ver... moreHTC desire 828 is giving me serious headache, it will shut down automatically and also takes a longer time to process. More to that, it will tell "call not sent, limit exceeded" pls can someone help me

  • Hello

Riddhi Thakker, 30 Apr 2018I bought HTC 828 around 1.5years back. Recently my phone ke... moreHello There!,
Just read your post,
All you need to do is
A Factory reset from the boot menu.
And the boot loop will get fixed.

  • zumanji

worst phone ever.Horrible experience with this fucking piece.after 6 months series of problems started popping up.Battery drains too fast.After restart,start showing optimising apps and takes almost 30 open.2 slot is 2G,my both slots are not working as if having some problems in the motherboard.Worst speaker,as if i have to listen song, i have to put it close near my ear.except camera,,this phone is worthless.

  • Anonymous

My everytime switch off

  • Yasser Mabrouk

LTE doesn't work with me.

  • AnonD-753146

pls, re lees next update. phone is India versions.3gb ram.
2 hours in 30 minutes full is no problems.very good camera.i like htc mobile phone.

  • Riddhi Thakker

I bought HTC 828 around 1.5years back. Recently my phone kept rebooting over and over and finally, it got turned off. I gave my mobile in the service center to look into the issue, they said it is an issue with the motherboard and we recommend you buy a new phone instead. I thought it was my bad luck and it was an issue with particularly my model. But to my surprise, there were three other people with the almost same issue of autoboot reloader and all were given same advice and I do not trust HTC anymore. Now my mobile phone is nothing but an e-waste. Not going for HTC again.

  • hassan dubai

it cant charge it only shows , error please plug out charger