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HTC Desire C

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  • AnonD-51521

has HTC gone mad ...600mhz only for ics supported mobile..i think it will hang a lot ... Even 1ghz with ics are hang at times i suggest not to waste money for tis mobile

  • Bangladesi_GuY

AnonD-49242, 16 May 2012will it contains a beats audio headset in box ???are you kidding dude?
a beat headset costs almost the same of this handset
how could you expect a 150usd headphone on a 200usd handset?

  • AnonD-54951

Without camera flash totally useless.

  • AnonD-55060

ICS on 600MHZ !!!!
Can Explorer users expect ICS update in feature ?

  • AnonD-44658

Very good, 3.5 inch in 107mm x 60mm. Hope it could come soon.

  • shanilove

cool smart phone specially for students like me......but the price is very high....210 euros is too much for this should be around 150 euro..

  • julian

Htc explorer still better. So powerful just minority on internal storage but 600 proc like 1ghz

  • Vince

Everybody you've not mentioned that the CPU IS ARMV7 NOT ARMV6!!! ARMV7 iS MUCH FASTER THAN ARMV6!!! 600MHZ - ARMV7 is much much much Faster than Armv6 with the same clock! Thats why this phone is capable of ICS and Flash because the cpu is powerful!

  • AnonD-49242

it has adobe flash and it does not have front facing cam
htc will ***** and it has Snapdragon 600mhz procesor will it be able to ics. the phone will not be able to run much fast and the gpu is not mentioned

  • AnonD-49242

will it contains a beats audio headset in box ???

  • AnonD-47104

Srsly?! Haven HTC learnt their lesson aft their stocks dived in 2011 q4 and 2012 q1? They promised quality not quantity and yet since they can give ics to this phone they certainly can update the explorer android software

  • Anonymous

epic fail !!!!

  • anonymous

600MHZ desire C handle ICS with manufacturer UI , 1GHZ galaxy S don't .You can't explain that .

  • Budget Ice cream ???

No camera-flash, weak CPU for Ice Cream Sandwich (Android version 4), no secondary-camera of HTC Desire C (in Gsmarena site). And the price ??? If Motorola Fire XT will run on Ice Cream Sandwich, think then what will happen ???

  • AnonD-54951

600 Mhz can't run ICS 4.0 ,
& 2nd Disapointed thing is its doesnt have camera flash Totally Farigh Set

  • noob_geek

This is totally unfair htc should update the older phones as this phone looks same as htc explorer milking money from consumers by tweeking a few things to make it look good not gonna do good at all total flop my opinion thumbs up if agreed!!!

  • Louigi

I cannot believe this, i simply cannot believe this, a 600 MHz processor in a ICS droid, it deserves better than this!!!!!!!!!!

  • zV1

hey men,wait when they announced chacha they sad that chacha will have 600mhz cpu but it has 800,so this phone may get 800mhz cpu instead of 600mhz

  • hassy

dreamlord, 15 May 2012over 200 euros for a phone without camera led flash? it's ridiculuous.guyz..
(1) u all r complaining abt d 600mhz processor..well i wud like 2 remembr u'l dat d gr8 Iphone 3GS also haz a d same 600mhz processor n itz itz damn smooth fr latest IOSupdate az well..
(2) itz aroun 200euros which is very low price...tell me wch phn or company givs an ICS in diz price..
(3) u r complaining abt d LED flash..dude u r gona take photos in night nly o wtt.. haha:D

  • Anonymous

Could this be any more low-end? I mean, even if you're just going for something practical, why would you choose this phone? What's the bet that these companies have so many old and dodgy CPUs that they have to make low-end phones in hope that people will buy them so they disappear?