HTC Desire C

HTC Desire C

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  • Anonymous

upgraded version of explorer!! but i doubt about the performance with a 600mhz for ICS. HTC upgraded cam and memory.i think it would work perfectly for gingerbread and price would be below 12k !

  • AnonD-54906

This is sheer astute business sense....
Just for the sake of ICS, buy a new mobile handset...
That too with specifications which are already outdated(nearly).....

  • dreamlord

over 200 euros for a phone without camera led flash? it's ridiculuous.

What, only QVGA resolution??? And it has no camera flash? This is going to fail.

  • neimad

Everything looks good except the processor..Do you think ICS would run ok on 600MHZ

  • Anonymous

It looks great, but the battery is poor!

  • HTC fan

whooo, cool one from HTC.
I have used Explorer(with 600mhz) a lot ,its not at all crappy, even it is better than galaxy ace.therefore no problem with Desire 600 mhz processor

  • rararar

What is its GPU?

  • AD

NO FLASH FOR THE CAMERA, WHY HTC, WHY???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • AnonD-40425

Awesome design with lots of features beside good price

go ahead HTC and deal with all classes of people
excellent strategy

  • Falkao

Too bad for 600MHz cpu, it would be very nice entry level phone vith 800MHz.

  • botsok_triskelion

Never thought that ICS can run on 600mhz processor...
then why older model can't have ICS that has 800mhz+ clock?

Hmmm... What a business strategy... =(

  • AnonD-43051

a small version of hox~
i like the design but the processor is just too low~

  • Yukimura

WTF?!! 600 MHz? They Are Fool. this is Wildfire S With ICS!!

  • Anonymous

verey good