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HTC Desire C

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  • raj

Believe me worst phone experience,no flash which is the main disadvantage and then comes to the processor which is extremely slow,the keypad takes forever to appear on screen.. (reaction of the phone is slow) go for a better hone of htc save money and buy a better one...avoid this crap...!!

  • AnonD-201524

don't purchase HTC desire c , since whats app is not supporting

  • Anonymous

DON'T GET IT HERE'S WHY:I had this phone, and at first it worked alright. Was a bit slow and laggy, but that's to expect out of the $150 I paid for it. One day, the phone dropped onto GRASS from my pocket, screen shattered. I had a phone before this and phone now(I'm 14) that I treated the same way and never broke. Well, I fixed the screen and about a week later, the same thing happened! I decided that it was a bug and got a new phone. My friend had the same phone and after about 3 weeks of having it, it turned off and wouldn't turn on, tried a new battery and everything. So he borrowed my shattered barely working phone for the time being, and the same thing happened. Turned off and wouldn't turn on. BAD BUY

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2013One of the WORST phone i have ever had. First 8 months it was go... moreagree

  • HTC User

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2013wy my Desire C is nod Desire S ?it's because you opted out for HTC desire C instead of HTC desire S. I'm currently using HTC One and HTC desire S I'm amply content with them. God Bless HTC.

  • Anonymous

wy my Desire C is nod Desire S ?

  • jabir vs

JoeS, 11 Oct 2013Have had this phone for about 2 years and couldn't be any happie... moreHi my HTC desire c

  • kiran

Why my HTC Desire C internal storage is 1gb not 4gb

  • Anonymous

my desire C is very slow now an freezes alot

  • Janz

Mike, 09 Oct 2013Is a good phone but i dont know why , my internal storage is 1gb... moreWhy my reply not appearing here....?
It's my user experience I wrote here. Cause this is TRUE. This device doesn't have 4GB and instead 1GB.

  • AnonD-197021

i have some problem where my screen can't detect my finger when i touch my screen. how to solve this problem without send to shop.

  • thatday

HTC Desire c is a good phone, but the problem I have is when I download Skype I can't sign in or sign up.

  • Sarath Babu PS

Amazing phone....within the budget!

  • Janz

Mike, 09 Oct 2013Is a good phone but i dont know why , my internal storage is 1gb... moreI too face the same issue and pretty annoying as the phone gets too slow when install several applications due to low storage capacity... Other than that this is a good phone giving good smartphone experience...

  • thunder

Htc Desire c is a good phone but I can't sign in Skype.

  • JoeS

Have had this phone for about 2 years and couldn't be any happier with it. It met all my expectations and then some.You have to understand that this is not a HTC ONE and it has some limitations, but at this price range you just can't go wrong. Phone calls are crispy clear,WiFi is very reliable,connection to Blutooth very simple,camera shots and videos are just acceptable, as they are with any phone camera, and with unnecessary functions turned off, the battery lasts for several days. What's not to like about this little gem!!!! I just love its petite size and looks, and above all because it's an Android phone.

  • Mike

Is a good phone but i dont know why , my internal storage is 1gb not 4gb

  • Sid

have bought this phone 3 weeks ago. the actual problem is with the screen guard.
When the red light near the sensor turns on, the phone becomes slow.
While putting the scratch guard on your phone, Please make sure that you make a small hole on the scratch guard on the sensors side with the help of a paper punching machine.
You will enjoy using ur phone after doing this.

  • noble

Pls I can't take snap shots with my HTC Desire c. What do i do. It gives the picture sound but it cannot show. Even my videos don't play again help pls. My mail is

  • akash

I've bought it...second hand....
It was 6 moisths old ...and I used it 8 months...task.f
What a amazing bro haS is smoother than canvas....crystal clear clarity .. camera is mooted than good ....

There is a built in task manager ..if your phone I'd lagging you have go just use It...
Sound quality in earphone is wonderful...100 times better than any Samsung phone...
Temple run; subway surfer,raging thunder;jet ski working fine..without lag.....

If you want screen shot just email me...
Who ae complaining about 600 MHz is like 1ghz CPU...just use built in task killer...