HTC Desire C

HTC Desire C

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  • Luta

Hi all can sameone tell me if this phone is good

  • Ashok

Really a good smartphone....the only thing i am upset with is its processor of 600mhz though u wont notice it until u use a very high graphic happy with its performance i have been using htc desire c for more than six months and am very much satisfied with this cell.....a great phone when compared to those similar looking samsung sets....

  • manir ansari

good fhone Hai experience 3 months

  • manir ansari

HTC Desire c very good phone but not front cemra


gila, 25 Jan 2013should i buy htc desire c or G S mini2?yes, u cann i m als planinig to tak this cellpone

  • gila

AnonD-105234, 25 Jan 2013A great phone but no flash and only 600Hz?! But overall great ex... moreshould i buy htc desire c or G S mini2?

  • AnonD-105234

A great phone but no flash and only 600Hz?! But overall great experience on it, especially the music and games

  • gila

Neil Das, 25 Jan 2013To be honest as per the device's cost its not upto the mark at a... morei 1 to know overall about htc desire is good phone or not.tq.

  • Neil Das

To be honest as per the device's cost its not upto the mark at all. Device gets slower and slower if you download more then 4-5 applications. camera quality is good. Wifi Hotspot speed is not good at all, even if you have 3G. Audio is better, even you can install equilzer for best audio quality. Overall its a satisfactory device as per my experience.

  • JIN

1 the capacitive keys arent supposed to lit
2 the update works for me but there is a bug with being called while charging
3 no slowdowns whatsoever use task manager to kill some apps or disable others from settings>apps

good phone overall

  • AnonD-104408

to fix lock while calling and ur unable to end call.
update ur system from internet

  • devildezz

Hi people couple of questions i am using a HTC DESIRE C

1 what is the advantages and disadvantages of rooting the device?

2 Is it advisable to root the device?

2 if it benefits the device how do you root it?

  • mano

it has only 1 GB internal memory instead of 4 GB. once u start making call and later u just want to end the call , sometimes u can't. lacks privacy of msg, call book, etc.

  • ante

the 3 buttons dosent glow(shine) on my HTC desire c
aint they suppose to do that ?

  • Anonymous

In my mobile key pad back lighting is not working can any one tell me whether it is faulty or else how to turn on the back lighting ????

  • dinesh

Hi I'm using desire c for the past 3 months the phone s good
About features n al even processsor s a bit k but plz don't update
Of the product version and d phone nw n den hangs wen I connect to internet it becomes
Slow so HTC should provide another software update to fix dis problem

  • Vin

The phone is excellent, can anyone tell me how to download the photos from facebook ?

  • JIN

paresh3593, 21 Jan 2013i recently updated my desire c coz one ota update aft... moreuse autobrightness and you can answer while charging...
use it until we get a hotfix patch...if we get one

  • yabut yamamoto

did some people rooted this phone already? If someone rooted it please tell me, and also explain how to root it. Thankyou

  • sohil

dear friends am going to purchase htc desire c it is good or bad tell me the details overall the phone am waiting eagerly