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  • Savvas
  • pVM
  • 19 Dec 2022

I am posting here using my htc desire x!
I suggest the following to be able to use the device as main device in 2022!
1) Install Paranoid Android Rom. More info on Xda. This is the best rom for the device.
2) Dont install Gapps
3) Install Chrome v42
4) Use maildroid for mail using a forward filter from your gmail to a pop account.
5) Messenger and FB lite
6)Keep free space on internal Sd by not installing big apps.
Import your contacts using vcf import.
Enjoy a fast and usable device in 2022!

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    • tAI
    • 02 Jul 2022

    Sumayah, 01 Oct 2016Not completely sure what happened, could have gotten a viru... moreMine will not boot ):

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      • DuxHM
      • d%A
      • 14 May 2021

      I had this phone since early 2013. I've used it for couple of years then my wife. I've recently recycled it and got discount for new phone.

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        • Anonymous
        • fC{
        • 26 Nov 2019

        Behileo, 04 Nov 2019still have this little beauty as second phone and it works ... moreExcellent phone

          still have this little beauty as second phone and it works great! love it

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            • Mohan
            • vIe
            • 30 Jun 2019

            Waiting for the same model with additional features,

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              • Samsung user
              • 04M
              • 05 Oct 2017

              HTC Desire X is the best phone i ever had for listening music. I am a big lover of a perfect sound. This phone has the best audio sistem in it. So if you really want to enjoy your music ( youtube etc ) get this one. I use samsung now, levels up from this one, but the audio sistem is terrible.

                • R
                • Rufat
                • SaA
                • 11 Jun 2017

                Stupid phone ever seen... Automatically stops from time to time. When you start to use it new it is ok, after 3-4 weeks little by little you start to understand problems of the phone. The system itself is bad, by time start to work very slowly and everyday at least 2-3 times automatically switches of

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                  • raz
                  • g5k
                  • 15 Jan 2017

                  I have it from Dec.2012. Till now, i had not any problem with it. Good signal, sound, screen, calls...everything was more than I expected. Used with few app only. Camera was good if the light was enough. For close shots and zoom details, pictures are much better than Sony 13Mp camera. Battery? Very good. Used as phone, without internet, the power is for 5,6 days. After 4 years, the power button start having problems. More, an accident that kept the phone wet for 12 hours made the screen to be damaged. 2 weeks in sillica gel ...90%
                  recovered. The screen protector and silicon back cover kept the phone protected ( still look as a brand new one). Overall, a strong and heavy duty phone. Now is time to replace it...with many, many regrets. Sure, I have to be prepared for other problems: size, internal memories, many updates, unuseful apps, who knows? Desire X never put me in "offside"...

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                    • AnonD-623685
                    • snR
                    • 22 Dec 2016

                    This is the best phone I ever had. I bought it two and a half years ago and I never had to fix it. Changed the battery couple of months ago. Thumbs up for HTC. Worm colours, perfect camera...Androids can be a little tricky, I had HTC Tattoo, was my first Android phone, HTC is the reason I am still using this OS and not Windows. Tried both.

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                      • polito
                      • 3ax
                      • 11 Nov 2016

                      I have this phone of june 2013 and I still can't say anything bad for it. This is prefect phone ever. Good sound, good camera, very good battery, no hags. I love it

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                        • Sumayah
                        • d@C
                        • 01 Oct 2016

                        Sumayah, 11 Sep 2016I got this phone back in April of 2013. I absolutely love t... moreNot completely sure what happened, could have gotten a virus or the screen must be damaged, as my alarm is still working but the screen just stays black. :'(

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                          • mary
                          • avE
                          • 30 Sep 2016

                          this smart phone is fantastic ..i bought it 3years ago..and it works the same as the first day

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                            • Sumayah
                            • AJX
                            • 11 Sep 2016

                            I got this phone back in April of 2013. I absolutely love this little phone and I'm quite surprised it's lasted so long. The only thing that grinds my gears is the lack memory. It has gotten to the point where I cannot update my apps at all. However, that is partly my fault since I do have a few videos left on the internal memory. If anyone is able to help me move my apps to my SD card it would be greatly appreciated :)

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                              • AnonD-579191
                              • 3SI
                              • 01 Sep 2016

                              I own this smartphone since March 2013 now (more than 3 years!) and it's still working "pretty fine". Despite of having been dropped multiple times, there's hardly any damage on the phone. I also observed that it sometimes heats up pretty much (don't ever try candy crush - which is a bad waste of time anyways! ;-) ). What kind of drives me crazy is the lousy amount of memory. I installed 8 (!) apps that I love to use all the time and even though I deleted every possible app and try to push everything to SD-memory (which in most cases doesn't work), the memory is wayyy too small. Update of Google maps? Forget it, out of memory. Uninstall, reinstall... oh, alas! Even now insufficient memory - bye bye, gmaps! With growing app-size this process narrows down my possibilities to zero. Thinking about rooting the phone to be able to push apps to where I like.

                              That sucks so bad.

                              Plus: My fingers (BMI: 26, male ;-) are not able to hit the right keys when texting. Typing is a kind of pain in the *ss on the really tiny keys. Swipe-functionality of the keyboard kinda helps but has too many failed attempts of recognition. Tried the actual "swype" keyboard app which is a lot better but I had to uninstall it due to "out of memory" problems.

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                                • zeddd
                                • puv
                                • 30 Aug 2016

                                I have this phone since december 2012 and it is still working, almost 4 years. No problems at all. The battery is fantastic, even now I recharge it once in a week if I use the phone only for calls and a little bit of internet.

                                  • I
                                  • Iru
                                  • Qv4
                                  • 25 Jul 2016

                                  I got this mobile in September 2013 and it is still working fine.No problem with this set.One of the best mobile

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • gKC
                                    • 16 Jul 2016

                                    OMG! This phone is amazing, camera is probably one of the best I ever seen. I got it from 2013 and it still works it felt couple of times but there is no scratches at all! I love it!

                                      • T
                                      • Tanmay
                                      • YQE
                                      • 10 Jul 2016

                                      I bought this smartphone in 2013 n it's 2016 now.It's still working n can give tough competition to newly arrived smartphone. Not fully but ya it could..

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                                        • NisH
                                        • Iua
                                        • 30 Jun 2016

                                        I bought this phone in 2013 and its still working well.
                                        Camera is great,and much better than Sony Xperia cameras.
                                        Doesn't restart randomly,no lag,sound quality is amazing.Too bad HTC didn't release updates for this as they want us to buy new phones.
                                        I love this phone and i like HTC devices.
                                        Waiting for my next phone i.e. Nexus 2016(HTC is building 2016 nexus phones).