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  • Ankit

M just asking dat it can play mp4 720p videos or not m not saying about a full hd 1080p.........
n 1 more question does it cn play asphalt 7 n any hd games
plz rply owners of this phone as i want 2 buy it in few days
Thanx in advnce :)

  • salah

what about internal memory
what available memory to user
is it enough ??

  • salah

what about internal memory
what available memory to user
is it enough ??

  • snap07

p,I am totally regretted with this..,it can't play any hd videos.I tried some,but they are automatically hiding from gallery.only it can play is 3gp,mp4,AVI.also some of the AVI stuck while fast forward.xvid,DivX and other formats it can't play.waste,total waste..,

  • Mak

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2012@Mak - the sola does not have a frontfacing camera!Ohhh.. Yea.. Thanks for the Correction Dude

  • paul

i really disagree with you..... as i am using this phone its really good to use .....

  • Harish

I bought my Desire X yesterday, put my SIM Card which i was using for some past some years, but suddenly it stopped working and not detection my SIM Sard(showing no network). Can u help me why this happened??

  • sahu

I hv disire x nd its very bad phone . Its very slow browsing I think buy a blackberry

  • zner

is true that htc desire x is upgradable to JB? im planning to buy a phone, but im confuse whether to buy htc desire x or SGSA, thanks!

  • Anonymous

Mak, 28 Oct 2012I am using this phone for 8 days. The experience has been absolu... more@Mak - the sola does not have a frontfacing camera!

  • sunny

Hi ,
Just bought a new Desire X couple of days back and i'am really in love with this phone .Features are just appropriate for dialy use and the phone response is excellent.Camera output is excellent compared to my previous phone and also the processor speed.This is my first HTC phone after migrating from Samsung galaxy S and i'am really surprised by the performance & ofcourse the phone looks. Little premature to come into any final conclusion and i'am really happy about my choice as of now.

  • vinay

i bought htc desire x, nd its hv amazing features really u ll become a fan of htc aftr using htc desire x.... it hv all d features of dat u want in ur phn.... dn buy any othr phn except htc desire x or htc one x

  • shupann3

Iwantdesirex, 28 Oct 2012Good day, i wantto buy this phone, i have some questions for des... morea perfect mobile.,

sometimes lagging also asphalt 7 crashes while is gud but 480p video not impressive.and night shot not gud.and gud battery.
Overall 8/10.

  • visakh

please write a review about this phone...

  • Mak

I am using this phone for 8 days. The experience has been absolutely phenomenal wrt a mid rage phone. On Board ICS Works like Butter (Upgradable to JB).

1. The UI is fluid. No lags experience. As Always the Sense 4.1 which is the best Android UI in the globe is absolutely a treat. Typing messages etc is so easy.

1. Gaming - The games like Temple Run and Speed Car-2 run with out any issues - No Lag, No Stuck ups....

2. Call Quality - Call Quality is very good and NO dropped calls, echos etc were experienced. The Network used to be solid. Many a times I managed to talk with out interruptions even inside lifts.

3. Screen - Screen is nice crisp and vivid with great viewing angles. In Bright sunlight with Light falling directly on the screen, the visibility is average if the background is Black. How ever with White background the visibility is nothing less than fantastic. Overall great display.

4. Battery Life - The Battery life s Solid. From 100% Managed to get 30 hours on the phone with 8% battery left over after 1hr 15mins of Voice calls, 1 hour browsing (2G) and 1 hour gaming. So for an average user round the clock will never be a problem.

5. Build - The phone feels solid in the hand and pretty easy to hold, easy to operate with one hand and has nice aesthetics.

6. Looks - Pretty, Elegant

7. Camera: Very good Camera, Enough details in the pic. 5 way Flash, NO Shutter Lag.

1. Lack of Front facing camera (If you really want it, and i going to use it)
2. Lack of Gorilla Glass (Not sure about it. Many site specs says that it has a scrach resistant glass).
3. Back cover could have been better, but way ahead of all the 4 inch competitors.


If we compare it with S3 Mini.
S3 Mini Cons:
1. S3 Mini Does ot hav ambient light sensor, which mean no auo brightness adjustment
2. S3 Mini Keyboard is cramped.
S3 Mini Pros:
1. NFC
2. 1GB RAM
3. HD Video recording

Comapring with Sola:
Sola Cons.
1. Battery Life - 1300mah vs 1650mah
2. Sense is ay ahead of Sony UI
3. removable battery
4. 512 MB ram (vs 786MB)
Sola Pros:
1. Front camera
2. HD Video recording

Comparing Galaxy S Advance:
SGSA Cons:
1. Sense Better than Touch Wiz
2. Solid connectivity and calls
3. Better Build
4. Headphone jck at bottom. Have to put phone upside down in the pocket if you connect Wired headphones
5. Better battery life
6. Better Camera
7. Ginger Bread Out of the Box - No date of OS upgrade.
SGSA Pros:
1. Front Cam
2. HD Video recording

  • Skitter

I just want to know if Desire X, upgradable to v4.1 or jelly bean?

  • Ankit

does htc desire x plays 720 p videos????

  • Ankit

Awesome phone guys go for it

  • sam

Super phone better than Sony and Samsung

  • restyle20

sid, 27 Oct 2012htc desire x or sony xperia sola whice one is better? Must Reply... moreDesire X is better!