HTC Desire XC

HTC Desire XC

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  • mohit
  • utp
  • 25 Nov 2015

no secondary camera :(

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    • parvindersiyan
    • rAh
    • 21 Jun 2015

    175065, 06 Jan 2015Where to find File Manager in this phone. Comments PleaseU have to download. It from play store

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      • SAMRAY
      • Hs8
      • 15 Jun 2015

      This is a good smartphone.but having the older version of Android. And no 3G ...but good to operate

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        • Asad
        • uwu
        • 26 Apr 2015

        htc phone is best... but s.s. communication service is very bad.....

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          • yp
          • t@x
          • 20 Apr 2015

          i have purchased this phone this phonE IS WORKING FINE BUT THE PROBLEM IS THE DISPLAY IS NOT COMMING gone to service center they updated the software but after 2 days same problem repeat the service center is not available to sort out problem.
          very bad quality phone

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            • abhishek sagar
            • GQ6
            • 25 Feb 2015

            ashish270986, 04 Jan 2015HTC Desire XC Dual Sim: just after 1 year IC shot. When bat... morei am facing same problem. I was gone service centre but they are saying motherboard problem and cost is 7000 thousand. Already I loss touch pad. Touch pad and mother board cost is 12000 thousand and new phone available in market @14500 then why changed motherboard and touch pad.

            very bad service providing HTC.

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              • Dhaval
              • bJg
              • 15 Jan 2015

              175065, 06 Jan 2015Where to find File Manager in this phone. Comments Pleasedownload es file manager from play store

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                • 175065
                • bCi
                • 06 Jan 2015

                Where to find File Manager in this phone. Comments Please

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                  • ashish270986
                  • bCa
                  • 04 Jan 2015

                  HTC Desire XC Dual Sim: just after 1 year IC shot. When battery is 0%, unable to charge the Mobile. If battery is removed from phone and charged by external charger, its charging. When again battery is put into mobile and charged, it starts charging. Repair costs 1200 INR, but parts are not available in Jamshedpur. Rest is working fine. Should I sell the mobile or repair it in some HTC store?

                    • j
                    • jagmohan
                    • utx
                    • 05 Nov 2014

                    so wariest because there is CDMA SIM AND ther is no facility for 3G network in GSM so bad .............its my ist worng that purchases.

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                      • AnonD-315159
                      • 7tP
                      • 03 Oct 2014

                      i purchased this phone few months back, very bad experience, frequent hangup, very slow. display glass got damaged, went to service center, only one service center in Hyderabad, the response.... very poor...they want to change the entire display at the cost of Rs.4700 aproximately. no spares available. minimum 15 days... that is also not sure... have seen people shouting at executives for there irresponsibility, some customers waiting for more then a month.
                      dont buy HTC

                        • B
                        • Bhuva
                        • vQ}
                        • 17 Sep 2014

                        Hi All,
                        I am planning to get this mobile for my dad as he needs CDMA/GSM.His usage is mostly calls.Sometimes Whatsup , Listen to music , Websearch.Users who are using this mobile more than 9 months can you pls give me suggestions to go with this mobile or any other mobile with in 15K?
                        If Internet is not switched ON , will the battery long for a day?

                          • n
                          • normal phone
                          • 2S{
                          • 18 Aug 2014

                          good handset but battery life not good,
                          screen tuch very good and clear, wifi problem auto start...

                            • a
                            • amit
                            • KAj
                            • 11 Aug 2014

                            very bed experience with this set,it hang up,battery life very poor.please don't make this type of set.

                              • j
                              • jeet
                              • Khw
                              • 02 Aug 2014

                              Mobile batery is so poor which is u can't use for hole day......I am not satisfied with this mobile.....

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • u7E
                                • 27 Jul 2014

                                Hopeless HTC products, I obereved in two case of mine where both sets out of order in 13-14 months time, after passing warranty period of one year. Comapny make it for one year purpose only. Purchase it accordingly if any one wants for one year.

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • fut
                                  • 11 Jul 2014

                                  The back cover is cheap plastic..arrgh!

                                    • R
                                    • Royal
                                    • 2@n
                                    • 30 May 2014

                                    Surprisingly there is no pause button available in Camera Video Mode. Means u can not pause the video while shooting. It is really horrible that Company like HTC is not giving such basic facility in this mobile.

                                      • x
                                      • xc_user1
                                      • CP7
                                      • 22 May 2014

                                      I bouthgt this phone in march and am unhappy with it.
                                      The signal strengh is lower with this phone than 2 of the other phones I used.
                                      for CDMA, I compared with an older samsung and for GSM, I compared with galaxy grand and very old nokia. Both old phones gave me better reception in the living room of my house. With the desire XC, I got poor voice quality and lot of disconnects. In the same location, CDMA reception on my old samsung is the best but with the XC, CDAM calls were also bad (broken voice).

                                      The biggest nuisance is the Data usage pop-up which keeps popping up every time my email gets synced. disabling the option had no effect and even resetting the phone did not help. Unlocking the phone to see "Your data usage for this session is xx mb" everytime is just stupid.

                                      Battery life is poor too. Take a really long time to charge if it is fully drained.

                                      I bought this because:
                                      1) it's the only CDMA phone in my budget range
                                      2) the box packaging advertised beats audio support and I wanted good speaker phone quality

                                      On the one hand signal reception of CDMA and GSM is very poor and on the other hand beats audio is not supported on speaker mode (only supported in headset)

                                      I regret making this purchase. Lot of money for a poor quality phone and software experience.

                                        • d
                                        • deep
                                        • PEm
                                        • 19 May 2014

                                        htc xc slot 2 i.e gsm slot doesnt support 3g.thata very bad,network drops freq.