HTC Desire Z

HTC Desire Z

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DesireZ, 07 Oct 2018Coolest phone I ever hadI have one it dont charge or boot

  • DesireZ

Coolest phone I ever had

  • gp

Great phone, I typed about 15000 messages and some keyboard buttons werent working but overall pretty great

  • AdamBoy64

What a great phone this was.

  • joshua

i have it but it has failed to connect to the internet

  • stormbringer

I love this phone, had one 5 years and it is still working perfectly. Solid build, great video, great keyboard... find and block the light sensor for permanently illuminated keyboard.

  • Anonymous

Shide orang -iran, 04 Jul 2017I use it 7years and work very well yet.just now lcd tuch is... moreI have it and I am selling it, works perfectly after exactly 7 years as well!

  • Shide orang -iran

I use it 7years and work very well yet.just now lcd tuch isnt work very well. If I found this model buy it again.

  • FilFalier

My lg g3 broke down so I found this buddy in my room
still works perfectly...!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Dec 20163G only of course, it doesn't even have H+, only regulsr H ... moreI had it, it has H+ up to 20 Mbps

  • Orly

I had this phone months after it first came out and it was my first foray into the Android world (I had the Sony Ericsson P1i prior to this). Slow as molasses and crashes every now and then. To be fair, this was an earlier generation of Android. It was unfortunately under-powered to run even the later 2.x builds and caused lags and instability while using even the basic phone functions (call and text). Despite that, the design was to die for.... Fold out 'Z' keyboard, replaceable battery, and solid build quality. It had a certain heft in it that makes it feel premium.

  • Philip

My Nexus 5 just broke down and I found good and old HTC Desire Z in my closet. After all that years it works perfectly, even the battery life is 2 days! Built to last...

  • Anonymous

rock, 02 Dec 2016is it 3g or 4g 3G only of course, it doesn't even have H+, only regulsr H and only on 2 bands. It came in 2010 you know, this was greatness back then.

Awesone built phone, super premium, heavy with thick steel plating, and the z-hinge was like a dream, perfect. But the FreezeOnStandby and countless software issues together with a few failing keyboard keys forced me over on Xperia Pro.

  • rock

is it 3g or 4g

  • fjshdfj

Anonymous, 11 May 2016I was absolutely disappointed with this cellphone.It stoppe... moreIt's 21th century bra! It's time for Apple & plus. forget it. buy new one...

  • Anonymous

I was absolutely disappointed with this cellphone.It stopped working all the time automatically,it started rebooting automatically.I had problems all the time.......

  • Ahil

Bought it in 2011, still works great, still original battery, still in great condition.. dont want to buy other phone.. real LEGEND!

  • brko MOstar

Anon, 27 Feb 2016This phone is/(was?) absolutely legendary. It has all of th... moreLegend still lives, five years after continued to benefit from the son, still Android 2.3 original because I was not able to unlock the boot loader for custom rom ....
All these years later I used a dozen other models always the premium segment of smartphones, but it is the thoughts always go back to the Desire Z , one of the best if not the number 1.

  • Anon

This phone is/(was?) absolutely legendary. It has all of the little things that make you happy to have a quality phone, including mod support. I've been using mine daily since 2011 with a few battery changes. You won't say that for a lot of phones!

  • Atul

same here
Still using my htc desire z in 2015