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  • xixao

AnonD-328513, 10 Nov 2015Out of curiosity, which rom? And how did you root it? I'm h... moreif you write your e-mail, i can send you htc desire z user guide in english.

  • AnonD-328513

vainskrams, 21 Aug 2015now is 2015 and I still use this phoneOut of curiosity, which rom? And how did you root it? I'm having a hard time finding working instructions and tools...all files have been deleted.

  • vainskrams

pix_el, 11 Jul 2015use it 2 years work perfektnow is 2015 and I still use this phone

  • Harry

farooq, 05 Jul 2015i have it, but there wz a problm with 3g not working anyon... moreSelect N/w for WCMA only..

  • pix_el

use it 2 years work perfekt

  • farooq

i have it, but there wz a problm with 3g not working
anyone help m to use/enable 3g network
my cell # 92306-6165425

  • Fossa

AnonD-401257, 31 May 2015Do not buy this phone when you look for quality. Battery li... moreUse custom firmware, Cyanogenmod 10/11 for example with huge SD card. Also install Clockworkmod and clear app and Dalvik cache with it after installing apps.

It will work as fast as stock firmware.

But battery is a real problem.

  • AnonD-401257

Do not buy this phone when you look for quality. Battery life is dreadfull. The phone itself is very slow and storing capacity is so small you can hardly safe any contacts.

Then if there is just a drop of water coming close to this phone it will be destroyed same goes for sand or pretty much anything.

Plus the thing is unbreakable if you look at the screen alone. I dropped it down the stairs, my horse stood on it and it fell on concrete and the screen itself was perfectly fine.
The elictronics is a diffrent story though.

  • Anonymous

Will it get lollipop custom rom ?

  • Anonymous

will Desire Z have Lollipop custom ROM ?

  • AnonD-389525

AnonD-359556, 03 Feb 2015I'm very happy using this device. Running Android KitKat... morehey! i need the files and method to update please! thanx.

  • Benno

how come when I log into my friends stream it says it does not work need an answer before the phone gets broken please

  • Compukiller

AnonD-359556, 03 Feb 2015Device uses normal sim, not mini sim.It does use Mini-SIM. A Standard SIM is as large as a credit card. ;)

  • Anonymous

Great phone, I upgraded it to Android 4.4.4 Kitkat, and it works fine, but sometimes really slow, probably because of hardware... Dont know if any earlier Android system will work better...

  • AnonD-359556

I'm very happy using this device.

Running Android KitKat 4.4 using Andromadus Flinny Rom of 2014-03-23 (based on CyanogenMod CM11.0).

  • AnonD-359556

Device uses normal sim, not mini sim.

  • McQ

McQ, 26 Nov 2011Just bought it today! :) After quite some research, this on... moreGuys, I'm back with competent impressions, as promised.

I just closed a 3rd year of continuous (and relentless) use of my HTC Desire Z. It served me very, very well - of course, in return for proper maintenance. And also because I didn't expect it to perform like e.g. a Nexus 4 would. Just yesterday I replaced it with a Moto E which came in free with a contract renewal, NOT because "Z" isn't good enough anymore - on the contrary, "Z" still has pretty much to offer, at least to a less demanding user.

From my own experience - "Z" is quite fitting for users who prefer the feel of actual buttons to a touchscreen, and even excellent for users who have never used a touchscreen before, to help them with the transition. My "Z" got me through three years of smartphone use with reliable service and dependable behavior. I did however replace some stock options (keyboard, launcher, camera...) with 3rd-party apps (Smart Keyboard, Smart Launcher 2, Camera360 Memento...) - and they amazingly worked better and smoother then the pre-installed. Furthermore: QuickOffice works smooth, Pixlr Express is excellent. Some apps became heavy and slowed down a bit with each update, so I kept FB to the stock version, as well as G-Talk and SoundHound. Gmail remains as barebone as in 2010 - compared to the latest color-book update for KitKat is almost artistically simple. To my surprise "Z" handles easily a comfortable range of game apps. I regularly used device maintenance apps (lately Clean Master) which assured balanced & efficient use of hardware resources (especially RAM), which greatly helped in preserving them operational and safe.

Although the number of Froyo and Gingerbread OS users is getting smaller every day (currently below 9% of all Android users), still there is a generous and quite sufficiently equipped app market out there to allow older phones a significantly prolonged age of service, almost without limitations. Furthermore, the Android developer community has been for years now so diligent and efficient that there are non-commercial alternatives to the official Android OS (such as the brilliant Cyanogenmod OS, or community-verified/approved custom ROMs) that are quite often better and much less demanding then a stock Android in terms of options and capabilities offered, as well as CPU, RAM and battery use.

Bottom line: I wholeheartedly recommend "Z"! If you have relatively modest expectations, and are prepared to invest minor efforts (free of charge) in upgrade and maintenance "Z" is still a gem. In fact, I think any user could stay with their favorite old gadget for a while longer and also save money on new purchases following these general principles.

Hope this helps.

  • Anonymous

sal, 12 Jul 2014I need this phone but unable to buy from market please begi... moreu can buy it on aliexpress

  • Ash_From WestLondon

I bought this phone in 2012 for £110 pounds, Manufacturer refurbished to a Grade B Lvl.

Its my all time favorite phone.
The fact that its got QWERTY and Full touch Screen is so handy.

Plus with it being a HTC, the interface and usability is really really good. Such a cleaver phone.

Four years old but still smarter than some of these new phones believe me. This phones ideal for anyone who wants every modern phone feature without the price tag.

look on ebay for refurbished ones for under £100.

  • Muzaffar

aitolu, 26 Jan 2014I've been using it since the past 6months now, and i've had... moreWill you please tell me how to root it