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  • sal

I need this phone but unable to buy from market please begin its market as many of my friends need this phone htc desire z .

  • AnonD-262146

AnonD-279540, 02 Jul 2014I loaded CyanogenMod 7 on mine and chucked out all the bloa... moreThanks :)
I Have Amaze. I did Unlock, Root, S-off, Super CID.
It's a pain, but it's worth it :)
I'll buy Desire Z ASAP :)

  • AnonD-279540

AnonD-179746, 06 May 2014I'm planning to buy this phone. And flash a custom rom on i... moreI loaded CyanogenMod 7 on mine and chucked out all the bloat. Gave it a new lease of life (though the flashing is a bit tortuous involving a downgrade to 2.2 Froyo first!)

  • AnonD-279540

Had one for almost 4 years and there's nothing to touch it. Bought an HTC One X+ off a mate and ended up flogging it and going back to the Desire Z. I would regard myself as a Power User and I've never had RAM/ROM or battery problems (though I do keep it tidy ;-). Anyone who says you do hasn't really got one...

Surely there are enough people out there who want a slide-out keyboard for at least one manufacturer to make one??

  • aca

Exelent phone

  • Nabila

Horrible phone, OVERPRICED AND OVERRATED. Battery needs to be charged every now and then, goes without charging for 12 hours MAX if used moderately. 512mb RAM results in lag while playing games. I could go on and on about the things that are wrong with this phone. Absolutely not recommended. Go look for some other phones of the same price range, u WILL regret it if u buy this excuse of a good phone!

  • bryan

its cool but it is horizontal in view.

  • AnonD-179746

I'm planning to buy this phone. And flash a custom rom on it.
Shall I buy it? I'd love my phone to have physical qwerty keyboard.
I was using Nokia 9500 for 7 years :)

  • runoono

MACSPLENDID, 17 Jan 2014my htc desire z always shows ( has stopped... moreDid you flash a bad rom?

  • aitolu

I've been using it since the past 6months now, and i've had no complaints about it, except overheating and i guess thats due to it metallic nature... I also recently rooted and upgraded to ICS and its sooo awesome now (i am not looking forward to buy any phone soon ;D)


my htc desire z always shows ( has stopped working unexpectedly) and then switches off and restarting itself several times.

  • zorogates

My HTC Desire Z G2 is broken I've have been used it for 2 years from now., but now., the touchscreen is not working the cellphone technician said it was the FLEX on it was broken but others say its the TOUCHSCREEN Needs for REPLACEMENT .. do u have any information where to buy the parts here in the Philippines/ metro manila area only.. thanks.. email me @ thanks.

  • Nutterts

Been user it for over 3 years. Still works great. Know others who used it up to 2 years. Had to replace the screen for one of them tho.

Haven't had a problem with the querty but it does pick up a nasy grease. Been thinking of pulling mine apart to see if I can clean it but then again all keys work great so I'll probally won't.

Didn't find a proper upgrade for it but it is a little under powered and has a small screen these days.

Going to use a S4 mini until I can get or import a good querty replacement.

  • xct

AnonD-216273, 18 Dec 2013After one year of normal use, the querty had some problems.... morehere i made a small tutorial how to repair the keyboard without disassembling the phone
[REPAIR] HTC Desire Z bad keyboard contacts WITH PHOTOS

  • AnonD-216273

After one year of normal use, the querty had some problems.
Sometimes, I press a letter and it was typed two times.
Other times, the same letter, I pressed it twice to be displayed once!
I return it for a service.
The replace my phone with another one.
Now, (after almost one year), I face the same problem to the second mobile the gave me.

  • Anonymous

BensonMugore, 13 Dec 2013I have my htc desire but the problem is my battery does not... moreI had this problem also,

I have just buy 4 spare battery on E-Bay for 3$ each, and resolved the problem....

  • BensonMugore

I have my htc desire but the problem is my battery does not last for more than 5hrs. When using my phone its heats up and loses power. I don't know if the problem is of the battery or the phone itself.
Help me Reply to or
Thank you in advance

  • ammy

i want to buy htc desire z. tel me which kind of problms in it... n what z hinge problm????????????

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2013I have problem with my htc desire z.when i want to power hi... moreYour problem is hardware, you need to go in service. I had such a problem, it is the motherboard problem