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HTC Desire Z

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  • spk

price in mumbai is 24k with bill

  • Anonymous

Actually exact price in INR...

  • Anonymous

Can anyone tell me what is the price of desire z..??

  • kitty

i just bought this phone as a birthday gift for myself. sure it's quite expensive, but i really think that it's worth the expense.
i agree with the others that the loudspeaker is not that great. but it's not poor either. camera quality is really good (with the effects and all).
as for the applications and functionality, i still need time to explore it. Generally, i think this phone is worth the money.
If you have tips on how to maximize and improve the usage and performance of desire z, please feel free to post it for others to read.

  • Anonymous

Stuntman, 24 Jan 2011I carry my Desire Z in a holster, so it doesn't rattle around. ... morethx for the answer, my main reason why i want this phone is also the keyboard. i'm just too used to p1i, and i like to be able to blind type (hold the phone under the table during lessons without the professor noticing, which you cant do without a keyboard). I will probably get used to the weight, because my old phone was also much lighter than p1i.
So once again, thx for the tips, this phone will be mine in 2 days :D.

  • Stuntman

Japk, 24 Jan 2011Hey guys, i'm buying a new phone in a few days, and i still cant... moreI carry my Desire Z in a holster, so it doesn't rattle around. I do use the keyboard a lot and so far after two months, I do not notice any degradation of the hinge at all.

I don't know what the battery life on a Galaxy S is, but the Desire Z's battery life now seems greater than the first couple of weeks I had it. It seems that modern batteries when brand new does not have as long a life as if they are used for a month.

As for the camera, the Desire Z has a flash, where as the Galaxy S does not.

You can always compare the specs of the various phones on this site.

The reason I got the Desire Z was because of the keyboard. It does end up adding some weight to the phone. So far, I haven't had any issue with the weight other than the fact that it does feel heavier. I can still hold it comfortably and without tiring any more than my old phone which was lighter.

  • Japk

Hey guys, i'm buying a new phone in a few days, and i still cant decide which one to buy. I was thinking about Desire Z, Galaxy S and Desire HD. My favourite has always been the Desire Z, but i was scared about the quality of the hinge, and i dont like low battery time (Galaxy S's battery lasts much longer). I always take rly good care of my phone, i've had like 6 phones so far and only the current (P1i) has a scratch, because it fell of my brother's bag once... Now back to Desire Z. I am not afraid it would scratch in my pocket, because i always keep keys and other stuff in the other pocket. The thing i'm afraid might happen is the hinge getting loose. Imagine having this phone in the pocket every day for 2 years. This makes it about 700 days. And if you make at least 1km each day, with 1m long steps, that makes 700.000 steps in 2 years. And with each one, the hinge should loosen up a bit... That is my opinion, please prove me wrong, so i can buy this phone in a few days. The reason why i way considering buying Desire HD was mainly because it doesnt have the hinge. And the price difference is only 20. And the reason why i'm thinking about Galaxy S is the longer batery life and better camera. And it weights much less and SAR value is a lot lower.

  • Anonymous

Abhi, 22 Jan 2011Does this phone contain GPU? And if yes, what GPU does it have?It has Core i7 980X... :E
Now for real... CPU is new 45nm/800MHz, Qualcomm MSM 7230

  • Stuntman

tanil, 23 Jan 2011I've bought this model in 1st week of Dec/10 after waiting for 4... moreI think the sound quality is OK. The loud speaker is poor.

I don't understand how you can get neck pain. I hold it with my hand, not my head. If the weight is an issue, it would tire out my hand or arm rather than my neck.

What do you mean by radiation? Do you mean heat?

The only orientation issues I know is with the Facebook app where the main menu has no landscape mode. Everywhere else, the orientation works. If you are referring to the home screens, you need to open the keyboard to switch to landscape orientation for the home screen only.

What do you mean by intelligent alarm functions?

  • tanil

I've bought this model in 1st week of Dec/10 after waiting for 4-6 months. so anyone can imagine how curious I could be. After my first month's experience I can suggest HTC to STOP the production of this model though it is very feature rich but its not impressive at all on basic features and very sensitive model:
1) Sound quality is very very poor ( except on headsets); better do not talk about speaker phone quality. assume feature is not available.
2) I got severe neck pain because of weight of the phone
3) also felt heavy radiation like feeling in ears
4)orientation between portrait and landscape based on device orientation doesn't work properly.
5)No intelligent alarm functions.
6)Suddenly keyboard connector came out 2-days back and display is not working. I got shocked as I donot use keyboard also much. Phone is useless now display is not working. I do not have any clue how to get it repaired in Hyderabad-India as this model is not yet released here and HTC says I need to send it to HTC-U.K only where I've bought!

  • newbie

Stuntman, 21 Jan 2011I don't have any problems with my ear phones. I suggest you try... morethx for the suggestion... i really plug in properly... i tried on my laptop wit the headset... n the same result... the left side juz doesn't sound... i'll go to the shop when i'm free... thx anyway... love my desire z... XD

  • Stuntman

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2011Has anyone who has this phone ever had reception issues? I have ... moreReception quality is the same as with my old Nokia N97. My carrier (Bell Canada) has a few dark spots in my local mall and they appear to be the same with both phones. Other than these areas, reception is fine.

  • Anonymous

Has anyone who has this phone ever had reception issues? I have an original desire on orange and reception is terrible, but ive been told its down to the phones build. The review on gsm for the desire says reception is perfect, but for the z says it can be poor :/ i love HTC, and really like the look of z, but i cant get it if it has poor reception.

Any light on this subject is welcomed

  • Abhi

Does this phone contain GPU? And if yes, what GPU does it have?

  • Stuntman

newbie, 21 Jan 2011i juz use this phone for 2 days... n juz started to try on the e... moreI don't have any problems with my ear phones. I suggest you try another set of ear phones and then try your HTC ear phones on some other device. That way you can determine if the problem is with your ear phones or with the phone or phone jack. Also, ensure that you have it plugged in properly. If you do not plug it all the way in, you will have issues.

  • newbie

i juz use this phone for 2 days... n juz started to try on the earphone... i plug in the earphone the 1st time, i cannot hear anything from the earphone... but the volume of the phone become smaller... after that, i unplug n plug back... i can hear from my earphone... the problem is, it only got sound on the right side... left side i heard ntg... i press pause/play on the earphone n play back, the earphone became no sound, but the phone having smaller sound... anyone face this problem?

  • Anonymous

i've only had this phone for 2 hours and absolutely love it. i exchanged my nokia n8 for this phone and im so glad i did. compared to this the n8 is rubbish (more the symbian OS than the handset itself). still need to experience what the battery life is on this but so far everything else is superb. the screen is absolutely fantastic. vivid and bright. i have a iphone 4 and now this phone both good in their own ways but definately very comparitive to each other

  • Anonymous

absolute a good and very fast mobile. almost unlimited options / programs due to Androit market. very happy with it

  • Anonymous

Have had this phone since November. Great functionality, runs the android OS smoothly. Looking forward to the 2.3 update. Accelerometer is sharp and the touch sensitivity is excellent. I recommend it highly.

  • Stuntman

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2011any result with my suggestion about your self switching off desire Z ?Try removing the battery and cleaning the contacts. This is more to eliminate the possibility that dirty contacts is causing the issue.