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  • YaremaGaming

Yep. A cool phone. The first android phone ever and its -100 fps

  • DLT

Its good to look upon the android ancestor, commune with the ancient gods and tell em what their children have become. HTC... World's first Android 'ancestor'.

  • FormerEmo

I used this phone back in 2008-2010 as an emo. Slider QWERTY keyboard was awesome so I saved time and had more time to deal with emotions. I could slide it instead of crying. And I could check MySpace on it. I've used it even as music player.

  • Vicodin

AnonD-564539, 17 Feb 2017Awsome original one of the first Android phones but I thoug... moreNo, it was exactly the first phone that had Android.

This is Nice

  • AnonD-564539

Awsome original one of the first Android phones but I thought it had a headphone jack guess not and better camera than iPhone 1. 3.9 Stars

  • Santiago

I'm using this phone since 2009, it's been 7 years of good service (2016 now). It's rooted and it has a Froyo ROM. Just replaced the battery about 2 years ago. Now, I'm looking for another phone just because I can't play Pokemon Go with it and Whatsap will be discontinued for Android 2.x later this year. Oh, and I got it from Google for $420 USD back then, wich is the Developer's version (HTC Dream G1 Dev Phone 1). It was a good investment.

  • Phonehistory_386

It is the ancestor of the android, I think his name not yet known at that time, nokia also still victorious in market at the time.

  • PGA

Katie, 29 Sep 2015Im Doing An Essay Comparing And Contrasting Diffrent Types ... moreAndroids and Samsungs ...ahaha like they are diffrent things

  • Katie

Im Doing An Essay Comparing And Contrasting Diffrent Types Of Phones Such As Iphones(Personally My Favorite), Samsungs, And Androids. What Would Be The Best To Say About The Very First Android Made. Because Personally I Dont Know Very Much About The First Made Android

  • Anonymous

Install Lollipop os

  • nv

install cyanogenmode

  • kaddyz

Pls hw cn I downlaad watsapp

  • Jimmy

dream guy, 04 Oct 2014Cn u please tel me hw to update this phone ,I like this phneyou cannot, it only goes up to android 1.6 (donut) u can try custom roms but i dont even think there is any

  • sfhash

My very first android smartphone! Man good times

  • dream guy

Anonymous, 23 May 2014flash gingerbread rom Cn u please tel me hw to update this phone ,I like this phne

  • Anonymous

ok everything is old and vintagefrom your point of view on htc dream, not use to this whatsoever with mobile phones

  • Ashwani

Bittu..., 11 Feb 2014Hello frnd, did you know that htc dream is world's 1st andr... moreI also own it, it will become vintage soon :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2013pls i want to download whatsapp on my htc dream t-mobile, h... moreflash gingerbread rom

  • AnonD-239183

alex, 08 Jan 2014i has more hours standby time than a galaxy S4!Alex, this is so true. The new phones nowadays are preloaded with so much junkware, that now it takes basically 1.5GB to run Android and a bunch of junkware you cannot delete, which drains the crap out of the battery. I liked Android better when Google and Samsung didn't pre-install pointless apps that kill your battery. But still, Androids the best operating system ever created.