HTC Evo 4G

HTC Evo 4G

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  • geekuza ramen

Wow! well maybe i will be expecting you here in asia this coming month, i can't wait to see what you got!!

  • Anonymous

I really wish they make it with GSM network so that i can use it here in Sydney...This is the coolest phone ever...

  • avan

oooh come onn htc release the GSM version,we all want this phone.guye hav u seen the kickstand?its so cool

  • matthew

hd2 was the i-phone 3gs killer!!when evo is released,i-phone 4g would be smashed again by an htc !!

  • mortuus

I prefer the desire best phone there is.

  • careem sri lanka

i wish HD2 with Android+ with 12 mp cam + xenon flash perfect phone

  • careem

just love it

  • Anonymous

Sprint needs to give up the rights to this phone!!! We want it in Canada!!!! ASAP.

  • John

This phone is only garbage only 65000!!!!!!!!!

  • no reason

htc evo 4g is so muc better tham iphone 4 and its the best phone i have ever seen hurry sprint its really the most needed phone thnx htc for than unbelivable device

  • Alex Mihalcea

htc evo is brilliant :) a very good phone

  • Afob

When are we going to see this excellent and much needed device in the UK. Hurry guys.... Sprint!!

  • xavi

can any1 tel me if i wil be able to use da htc evo 4g in south africa? we currently hav 3.5g networks. if so, wer can i buy dis phone online? i really dont want to get an iphone4

  • fensy

Make it to work in europe too!

  • Jarjit

Big screen small resolution, and why cdma???

  • Mark

The best ever HD2 version

  • Dr.X

to me it's just HD2 with android instead of WM which is really cool! HD2 Was Definitely one of best phones i've ever touched and it would be really nice to taste it on google side with an even better camera! htc all the way!!

  • zag aka jess

htc evo 4g + gsm + xenon flash + led video light + stereo speakers + xvid divx video codecs = perfect fone!

  • zag aka jess

puja, 22 Jul 2010Specification of cool, nearly perfect ... But why CDMA is... morecorrect! i realy agree y not gsm! ds s a gsm arena GSM come on!

  • zag aka jess

i realy lyk ds fone but its not gsm i wont buy it, if i buy it i'll just play w/ it bcoz i cant use it as a cell fone realy! ds s d weak point.