HTC Evo 4G

HTC Evo 4G

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  • puja

Specification of cool, nearly perfect ...
But why CDMA is not GSM ..
And I want to buy it, when it was released ..
Please release the GSM, because I am very interested HTC Evo 4G. Thanks

  • zag aka jess

wow i realy lyk its desyn d way its screen fits its body its not a slugish looking screen vry nice, huge screen perfct! i wana buy ds fone!

  • Anonymous

At last! GSMArena surrendered itself to CDMA phones..

  • Iphone Pawn HTC

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2010this is a nice phone, but why it is not available in malaysia...Because it is CDMA phone la. Wait for Iphone4 to Malaysia. Iphone4 pawn it.

  • xxx

man, this phone has the best specs!!!! i wish i can use sprint, but i am a t-mobile user.

  • Anonymous

I like motorola more beacuse...

  • Anonymous

is Evo 4G same like Iphone 4G (which accepts only micro sim card)

  • Anonymous

this is a nice phone, but why it is not available in malaysia...

  • Anonymous

Saksi, 21 Jul 2010I would like to have one, but seems no Sim CardsThis is CDMA phone for America. It won't work in Europe. You need a GSM phone, hope to see soon its sibling for Europe.

  • Anonymous

yes, its great i can call the aliens with this phone... realy?!!!!

  • Mr. Persia

seems its the best Android phone,,, Go on HTC

  • Saksi

I would like to have one, but seems no Sim Cards

  • NuroN

htc evo 4g is a beast!!! amazing....!

  • MIhai

It seems to be a good phone. Not a HTC fan but: Good job,HTC!

  • pathan khan

Its truly a dady set ...........

  • Anonymous

170gram is my biggest problem, bit heavy
But other specs are amazing and i liek it allot

  • Unique

Bout time they put this on here !!! what took so long
hopefully the do an UK gsm version \o/

  • Overlord

It is an awesome device.....its really sad that its not gonna be launched in India....

  • Anonymous

CDMA??? Thats outdated technology how can it use cdma?

  • xxx

m the 3rd!!! hahahaha. this phone is very good. i am a tmobile users. can't use sprint.